Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

The story centers around Darius Britt (Aubrey Plaza) who just started an internship at a magazine company. One day, in a round table looking for article ideas, writer Jeff (Jake Johnson), wants to take an assignment regarding a classified ad. The ad is looking for someone to accompany the person to go back in time and among other things, says "Safety not guaranteed." Jeff's boss Bridget (Mary Lynn Rajskub) approves and Jeff takes two interns with him, Darius and Arnau.

Kenneth (Mark Duplass) and Darius Britt (Aubrey Plaza)

Driving to the P.O. Box address listed in the ad, Jeff tells his interns that he's actually going to try and hook up with a girl he used to like. While they still pursue the story, Jeff doesn't take the article seriously. In any case, the three begin their investigation by waiting at the P.O. Box address to discover who it belongs to. Their snooping eventually leads to a Kenneth Calloway (Mark Duplass).

While Jeff's attempt at interviewing Kenneth fails, Darius's attempt at befriending Kenneth succeeds, due to a mixture of her personality and wit, and he accepts her as a candidate to go with him back in time. Keeping his mission a secret, Kenneth starts by training Darius and the training brings them emotionally closer.

What will happen between Jeff and his love interest? What will happen between Kenneth and Darius? Is Kenneth just crazy, or can he really go back in time? And finally, what many details did I leave out? You'll have to watch the movie!

Jeff (Jake Johnson), Darius, and Arnau (Karan Soni)

This is a sweet movie. The last movie I enjoyed in a similar way was (500) Days of Summer (2009). The last movie that I saw in a similar genre was Lars and the Real Girl (2007), which was good, but I find (500) Days of Summer closer in terms of lasting impression. If I were to continue thinking of movies with a similar feel, I'd name Conversations with Other Women (2005). Having seen this movie most recently, I'd say it's my favorite among the movies I've named, with (500) Days of Summer being a worthy contestant. If I get a chance I'll watch that one again and see how it compares to Safety Not Guaranteed.

Instant Comments:
Aubrey Plaza is cute.
Hahaha. "I fucked Bridget." and the conversation that followed.
"We need to get you laid on this vacation." Ha.
Lol. The seen where they're shooting bottles and the "heat's coming in" is hilarious.
"You make pies?" [...] "Which one do you want?" "Yeah."


"What am I doing? Why am I doing it?" x2 (sing-song)
Ha. The people at the party notice him and they just slowly follow him.
Haha! "Stormtroopers don't know anything about lasers or time travel. They're blue collar workers."
"This is fucking intense!" "We're going 15 miles an hour."
Wow, seeing the guy break down after being rejected was intense.
What a lovely song.

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Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Colin Trevorrow. 86 min

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