Robot & Frank (2012)

(Partial) Plot Summary:
The story takes place in the near future where technology has become more advanced [relative to actual technology in use in 2013]. The protagonist, Frank (Frank Langella), is an ex-thief who lives alone and suffers from memory loss.

Frank (Frank Langella) tests the robot's lock picking skills.

As such, his children worry about him and his son Hunter (James Marsden) decides to get his father a robot designed to help it's user. In Frank's case, the robot helps him keep a healthy regimen and regular day-to-day schedule.

Initially Frank doesn't take kindly to the robot and complains to his daughter Madison (Liv Tyler) about it. The robot however manages to befriend Frank and Frank begins to teach it skills meant to assist him in pulling a heist. But when Frank's daughter comes to stay and shuts the robot off, Frank's plans are almost foiled. Fortunately for Frank, he eventually convinces her to turn the robot back on.

Regarding the above-mentioned heist, Frank likes the local librarian (Susan Sarandon) and frequently visits her there. Unfortunately, the library is being closed down and renovated. One day the librarian invites Frank to an event being held for the renovation project. At the event, Frank notes that the project leader Jake must be quite rich. Over the course of several days, Frank monitors Jake's residence and carefully plans his heist.

Frank and the local library Jennifer (Susan Sarandon)

[20160629 Edit]

While I haven't seen Les Miserables or Skyfall, I decided to watch Robot & Frank.

Although this movie touches on the issue of how robots should be treated, it goes beyond that issue and simply becomes a touching story about an old man (Frank Langella) and his robot. Frank Langella puts on a good show and I'd look to watch this movie again, should the opportunity arise.

Overall, the movie is light-hearted with a sprinkle of seriousness.

Frank prepares a heist

British Airways In-flight Entertainment:
__:__-11:45 Pacific Time = Plane Leaves London
12:45-14:15 Pacific Time = Robot & Frank (2012)
14:45-17:00 Pacific Time = Jack Reacher (2012)
17:30-19:00 Pacific Time = Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
19:55-__:__ Pacific Time = Plane Lands In Baltimore

Jake: Frank, you're so square, you're practically avant garde.
Frank: What the hell did you just say to me?

Frank and the robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) arm wrestle.


The movie is so different after seeing it once, especially because from knowing how it ends. Watching this movie a second time, I picked up on many small lines which I wouldn't have notice the first time around. Overall, I enjoyed the movie as much the second time as I did the first time, if not more.


Instant Comments:
1: "Thank you, Frank. It's time for your enema."
1: Oh wow, the plot develops.
1: This guy Jake becomes the antagonist.


1: Discussion of existence.
1: "The human brain, lovely piece of hardware."
1: Armwrestling: "What do I do Frank?"
1: Interesting how he (Frank) has come to depend on the robot.
1: How will he get rid of his daughter?
1: "It would be a crime not to do it."
1: Is that Liv Tyler? Looks that way. I first recognized her face when they were drinking juice.
1: The rest of the movie is quite dark (in terms of lighting) and hard to watch on the little (British Airways) screen.
1: Clearly a diversion (his son throwing the case into the car)
1: Cute: self-destruct.
1: What a turn of events.

Jake (Jeremy Strong), Jennifer, and Frank

1: Aww...

Instant Comments:
2: "Mom has her own robot."
2: "Except you Frank. You're so square, you're practically avant garde." "What the hell did you just say to me?"
2: "I don't want to talk about how you don't exist, its making me uncomfortable."
2: Sad moment at 43 minute mark (having seen the movie).
2: "Back off you little astronaut bastard."
2: "They're inside." Hahaha.
2: Jake keeps saying they have probable cause, but I'm not sure they do.
2: "Warning, do not molest me."

Hunter (James Marsden) takes the robot out of his trunk.

Watched 20130601 (British Airways In-flight Entertainment)
Watched 20131219 (Netflix, Instant, HD)*
*(HD never buffered)
Robot & Frank (2012) Jake Schreier. 89 min

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