The Lady Vanishes (1938)

At the start of the film we see there has been an avalanche blocking the path of a train and the stranded passengers look to stay in the local inn. Dominantly serving as character development and character interaction, the beginning of the movie introduces the viewer to a pair of Englishmen named Charters and Caldicott, an Englishwoman named Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood), an elderly woman named Miss Froy, and a musician named Gilbert (Michael Redgrave).

The next day, the snow has been cleared and the passengers gather aboard. Iris, however, has been hit on the head with a flower pot. Still able to walk, she is helped onto the train where she is seated and goes unconscious. When she wakes, Miss Froy and her go have some tea. Upon returning to their compartment, Iris goes to sleep, Miss Froy sitting across from her.

However, upon waking, Miss Froy is gone and every person she asks denies Miss Froy's existence. Even the waiter who served them tea says he doesn't remember Miss Froy. Persistent in her search for Miss Froy, Iris makes her way through the couches and runs into Gilbert. While the two met on bad terms back at the inn, she tells him her dilemma and being a gentlemen he offers his assistance. Together, the two make inquiries and look to determine whether or not Miss Froy actually exists.

This movie had a little bit of everything: humor, mystery, action, and romance. For a story confined to an inn and a train, the plot is surprisingly complex. As the movie was well told and exciting to watch, I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good mystery.

Instant Comments:
1: Lol. Cricket scores. These two gentlemen are amusing.
1: "There has been no English lady here."
1: Finally, the window. Though she doesn't notice it when she first sits down.
1: Oh wow, that's intense: the name disappearing.
1: "The Vanishing Lady."

1: "I don't know, I'm only Watson."
A: Upon drafting this post, I briefly looked through the film again and realized an important detail: The important tune is played by the singer outside the inn and hummed by Miss Froy in the train. I'm sure there are other important details that can be pulled from watching the film a second time.
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