Shrek Forever After (2010)

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I saw this movie was leaving in 170 min and though I didnt see the third movie yet. Not sure I even remember the second.
Hehe I thought this was a prequel due to the Rumpelstiltskin bit.
Oh no... is this a Groundhog Day or is everyday somehow just very similar
Hmm okay now they are on the dragon
Hehe, a real ogre
Omg, what a roar.
Lol he found another cake exactly like the one that Donkey licked.
Hmm... I mean I guess for story purposes but I feel like she could have empathized with his feelings
Wonder what Rumpelstiltskin will do with a day from Shrek's childhood... make another deal with child Shrek?
Fiona... wanted
I suppose this entire experience will make Shrek appreciate what he has
Oh! (Ginger snap!)
Maybe he did just take the day Shrek rescued fiona... (Shrek being wheeled into the castle)
Huh... why would Stiltskin reveal his plan; pride perhaps?
That was quite a move to go through the window and also block it
Haha! "I'm being ass-napped!"
Aww... the little doll
Hahaha "try lous" vs "true love's kiss"
Hehe ogre imitating crow's call
Oh my. The one with a good idea got watered.
That's my chimichanga stand (huh I think that was a team member's spelling bee word and I didn't know how to spell it; I spelled it as "chimichunga" instead of "chimichanga")
Hehe. Puss in Boots doesn't have boots and is fat. [I thought it was "Puss 'n' Boots" but it is "Puss in Boots"] Lol, technically none of those would be true love's kiss.
Ha. Eyeballs in Donkey's nose.
Oh does that mean her curse is not broken yet? (You even know the little rhyme)
Ah of course, the trope of the last moment. Charming that Shrek accepts his end with a kind of happiness...
That final line was heartwarming. A little feeling under my eyes. "It was you that rescued me."

During the title end credits, various characters in the series make their appearance.

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Shrek Forever After
also known as Shrek 4

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