Inside Out (2015)

This movie was well done. It had a healthy amount of foreshadowing and a strong story. It was also a great portrayal of human feelings.

It's amazing how Pixar continues to come out with excellent movies like Inside Out. I would highly recommend Inside Out, to everyone.

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Thinking of gifts to give my mom, I decided to get her Inside Out. For whatever reason, a movie about emotions seemed to me as something my mom would enjoy. And while I don't remember her specific comments, she certainly did enjoy it.


Instant Comments:
1: Different and interesting. But a little scary.
2: Hmm. I liked this short a bit more on this viewing.

2: In the first couple minutes, a young Riley sings, "Who's your friend that likes to play. Bing Bong Bing Bong."
1, 2: "First the Hawaiians, and now you!"
1: Gum.
2: [Getting dragged] "This feels kind of nice."
1: Why didn't they just send the memory through the tube like the gum commercial?, 2: Plothole: didn't send a core memory through a tube like Triple Mint Gum
2: "I would die for Riley."
2: I definitely feel like Sadness has the best lines.
2: "Oh no, these facts and opinions look so similar." "Oh don't worry about it, happens all the time." Throws random tiles back.
2: Hahaha. The big worker does a perfect impression of Riley's voice.
2: Deja vu gets repeated (in fact there's three)
2: "I loved that one too..."
1: Teary-eyed @ Bing Bong sacrificing himself, one more, sing louder! [20170306: I get a little sad just rewriting the comment]
2: I remember getting sad when the moment he said I have a feeling about this one and it peaked when he told her to sing louder. This time I didn't get as sad.
2: Lol, Joy's imitation of sadness.
2: Joy smacks her fingers after using the French fry.
2: On this viewing the resolution at the end where Riley shares her emotions remained sad.
1: Ending with Sadness was great. It was a little sad, but not as much as when Bing Bong sacrificed himself.

1=20150719, 2=20170103

Released 20150619.
Watched 20150719 Theaters.
Watched 20170103 (Blu-ray)
Inside Out (2015) Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen. 95 min

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