Sausage Party (2016)

The cover picture for this movie looked ridiculous, but I read some user reviews (on Netflix) and decided to watch the movie instead of removing it from My List. Ten minutes into the movie, I could say that I'm glad I started it. By the end of the movie, I could definitively say that I enjoyed watching it.

Three hot dogs on the right: Carl (Jonah Hill), Barry (Michael Cera), Frank (Seth Rogen)

While I enjoyed it, I would warn potential viewers that the movie had a no holds approach to dirty humor. On that note, unless you're by yourself or watching with others, I would recommend using headphones.

Overall, this movie was hilarious and I would recommend it to others, especially those who enjoy other movies with Seth Rogen.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 87% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Frank's girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig) is a hot dog bun.

Instant Comments:
"We keep our wieners in our packages." Lol and the subsequent lyrics:
In here we keep our wieners in our packages that's how it is,
It sucks but that's the way our buns keep fresh and pure,
But once we're out the doors it's not a sin,

Douche (Nick Kroll) is a douche.

For us to let you slip it in,
In other words we finally get to f**k
Smile. Girth. Not even subtle.
Hahahahahaha. She raises her hand.
"Just the tip."

Grits (Craig Robinson), Firewater (Bill Hader), and Twink (Scott Underwood)

Haha. Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.
Haha! "DTD. Down to douche."
Hahahahaha. Pun on "crackers":
"I am the original inhabitant of this land. My kind once had a pristine aisle. Majestic and untouched. Then we were driven out of it by a bunch of goddamn fucking crackers!" - Firewater explains to Frank why he's in the cave.
After looking at credits, and listening to them in this scene (before they were opened out of the package), I could hear Michael Cera's voice.

Teresa (Salma Hayek), Sammy (Edward Norton), Lavash (David Krumholtz)

References The Wizard of Oz.
Hahaha. The toilet paper. "What did he fucking do to you?" "You don't want to know."
Ha. The Nazi declares, "You intolerant piece of shit!"
My goodness. Orgy.
Breaks the fourth wall and reveals Frank as Seth Rogen and Sammy as Edward Norton.
They go through the Stargate.

I watched a preview of the alternate ending where the characters come out of the Stargate and see Seth Rogen, Edward Norton, and Michael Cera eating hot dogs for lunch.

Watched 20180511 (Netflix, Instant)
Sausage Party (2016) Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon. 89 min

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