Police Woman (1973)

The first important note is that Jackie Chan is not the main star in this film; he's just the leader of a gang. However, Netflix misleadingly displays the movie with a screenshot labeled "Jackie Chan | Young Tiger."* Second, the movie was mostly a letdown. My favorite parts of the film were the fight scenes for Ho Mai-Hua (Qui Yuen). Otherwise, the story was terrible and I wouldn't recommend the movie to anyone.

Cab driver (Charlie Chin)

Thus, while I watched the film because I love Jackie Chan, and finished it because I have trouble starting a movie and leaving partway, I realized that this film barely contains Jackie Chan and would suggest fans of Jackie Chan avoid this movie and avoid the same trap I fell into.

Oh, I should also note that while the movie was ranked low for me on Netflix, I don't always trust the Netflix ratings. In this case, it happened to be somewhat accurate.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 56% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs down.

Ho Mai-Hua (Chiu Lin a.k.a. Qiu Yuen)

*The Wikipedia article says that "American Home video companies [...] released the film on video in the early 2000s titled as Rumble In Hong Kong as a Jackie Chan film. The release received negative reviews reported that it was not a Jackie Chan film [...]".

Instant Comments:
Interesting start (gang robs a man).
Oh, and Jackie Chan is a bad guy. [According to the Wikipedia article, there's only two movies in which Jackie Chan has been a villain. This movie and a movie called Killing Meteors.]
Wow. This is raw fighting.

Gang Leader (Jacky Chan a.k.a. Jackie Chan)

Ha. Police.
I can't believe they didn't find the purse in his taxi cab.
Oh, that mark (on the face of Jackie Chan's character) is a mole.
Haha. "Can you read?" "No." Shows something in his wallet. "We are cops."
Honestly they already searched his room, what are they looking for now?
Hehe. This conversation about all the bad media and kids getting influenced by it. Didn't expect such a conversation to be in such a movie.

Shao Mei (Betty Pei Ti)

LOL. Lock someone in a room with a secret door.
WTF. The last line: "And what a team we were."

Watched 20180513 (Netflix, Instant) (Mandarin audio, English subtitles)
Police Woman* (1973) Mu Chu (Hedeng Tsu). 80 min
*Nu jing cha (original title)
*Young Tiger [This is the title Netflix used as well]
*Rumble in Hong Kong (UK)

The protagonist (Charlie Chin) fights the gang leader (Jackie Chan).

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**Someone left a plot summary for this movie under another movie called Small Tiger.

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