Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire (2009)

Having finished the second Shippuden movie, today I decided to watch the third one.*

Naruto (JP: Junko Takeuchi / EN: Maile Flanagan)

I enjoyed how this film had even more action than the previous film. I also liked how this film also involved more characters. However, I was upset with the occasionally repetitive dialogue. For example, they just couldn't stop saying "Will of Fire."

Overall, despite being a filler to the main story, I would recommend this to film to Naruto fans for the action.

*I learned while writing this post that while this was the third movie, it's cited as occurring "after Shippuden episode 89," whereas the second movie is estimated as occurring "after Shippuden episode 111."

Shikamaru (JP: Showtaro Morikubo / EN: Tom Gibis)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 96% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Naruto is so stubborn. But I suppose he can afford to be stubborn because he's so strong.
Hehe. Sakura scolds Naruto.
"He's a lot like you, don't you think, Obito."
kekkei genkai
References Naruto Shippuden Episode 92.

Naruto uses his Rasengan and determination to successfully battle his way to Kakashi.

The number of times "Will of Fire" has been mentioned. Annoying.
"That stubborn idiot just doesn't get it." - Shikamaru.
Although I'm confused.
He said a word that sounded like "Chimera" except pronounced more like "Key-Mur-Ra".
Cool to see a battle between Gaara and Naruto
This movie displays that there are, among the ninja, conflicting beliefs and morals. Even though individually, each moral can be viewed as good.

Gaara (JP: Akira Ishida / EN: Liam O'Brien)

Wow. Naruto just got surprisingly deep. Who knew he was capable of that type of reasoning. In any case, great answer to "Why your way?"
Hmm. I'm curious if simply destroying that structure is sufficient. If it in any way helps focus the light.
Ooo. This is the first legit time I've seen Naruto create the Rasengan by himself. In fact, each of his clones is creating one on it's own. [ lists this as a goof. Since it's a filler, it technically doesn't have to be canon. But it's also been argued Naruto simply finds it easier to create it with a clone.]
Lol. "Good morning..."
In pairs they create many Giant Rasengans.

Naruto and his clones create Rasengan on each one's own.

What? ["When Hiroku tried to absorb and use the Rasenshuriken, the process of combining this specific nature with that specific shape was too hard for him." (response on StackExchange) Given this explanation, it suggests that Hiroku would have been skilled since he could do the Rasengan and Lightning Blade. The Naruto Wikipedia gives a similar answer: "In Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire, Hiruko tries to absorb this technique, but was unable to combine the peak-levels of shape and nature transformation, like Naruto did at first. The sphere begins forming in his hand, but it becomes unstable and disperses, backfiring on him."
In any case, I recall that Naruto wasn't suppose to use that at clsoe range.
Also. An alternate ending could have been just fighting long enough to outlast the solar eclipse.

Hiruko (JP: Soichiro Hoshi / EN: Todd Haberkorn)

Kakashi: "You know, you're a lot like him."
Naruto: "What's that? Why are you grinning like that? You're really weirding me out."
Kakashi: "Huh?"
Hinata: "I'm shocked."
Kakashi: "Huh? What?"
Hinata: "I knew the two of you have always been close but still."
Sai: "Sometimes after sharing a very intense situation it says here, 'Love can blossom.' But it says nothing about men."

Left to Right: Kiba (Kosuke Toriumi / EN: Kyle Hebert), Shino (JP: Shinji Kawada / EN: Derek Stephen Price), Sai (JP: Satoshi Hino / EN: Ben Diskin), Hinata (JP: Nana Mizuki / EN: Stephanie Sheh), Shikamaru, Tenten (JP: Yukari Tamura / EN: Danielle Judovits), Rock Lee (JP: Yoichi Masukawa / EN: Brian Donovan), Choji (JP: Kentaro Ito / EN: Robbie Rist), and Ino (JP: Ryoka Yuzuki / EN: Colleen Villard)

Shikamaru: "Oh come on, you gotta be kidding."
Kakashi: "Huh. No. That isn't what a meant."
Rock Lee: "Guy Sensei told me, that is simply another part of youth!"
Tenten: "I always suspected something like that was going on."
Naruto: Freaks out. Screams. "Oh come on. Give me a break here."
Kakashi: "Naruto, wait. It's just a misunderstanding. Come back!"
Naruto: "No!"
Kakashi: "Naruto, please!"
Naruto: "No!"

Ha. This ending credits song has cute lyrics (donut)

Watched 20180528 (Netflix, Instant)
Naruto Shippuden the Movie 3: The Will of Fire* (2009) Masahiko Murata. 95 min
*Gekijô-ban Naruto Shippûden: Hi no ishi wo tsugu mono (original title)

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