Ready Player One (2018)

This is one of the rare instances where I read the book. First, while the movie starts more or less the same as the book, eventually it branches off and takes creative liberties. Of course, the changes from the book to the movie were necessary given the change in medium. The changes capture the essence of the film, yet shift the pace from a slow struggle to a fast-paced, action-packed story.

However, I personally prefer the story in the book over the story in the movie. With that being said, the story in the book remains cohesive and enjoyable.

On another positive note, the movie contains a lot of cool special effects and pop-culture references.

Overall, I recommend the film to fans of action movies, especially sci-fi action movies. In particular, I thought it was much better than Ender's Game, so if you enjoyed Ender's Game then you will probably enjoy Ready Player One.

Instant Comments:
[20180612: Oh, the actor who plays the protagonist Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) was Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse.]
The first key was different from the book. Hmm. No one saw that he went backwards at the start of the contest?
Haha. "Remember that old commercial..."
Oh, so the answer to my question above is that Artemis saw.
Hmm. They changed the disco scene. I wish Anarak showed up. But the discovery Wade's identity was well done.
Lol. The password. He was able to memorize it?
Huh. How did IOI surveillance know that he entered his house, but didn't know that he walked off to the trailer.
Hmm... I guess them meeting before is interesting.
Lol. The little girls from The Shining.
Oh no. Room 237. One of the scarier scenes.
Yikes! (Poor H)
Huh. A lot of changes at this point (after IOI comes crashing in)
I guess I didn't think about it when reading the book. But this portrayal suggests some sort of manual labor. But why are digital objects heavy?
Hmm. The story version is cooler, because it was thought out and it makes Wade the hero from start to finish.
Nice. Iron Giant.
Haha. "It's fucking Chucky."
Why did the IOI workers have to go to different pods. I feel like theoretically they just sign into different accounts. Oh well.
Wait, everybody on the board was in that area? Seems like IOI should have reserved accounts outside of the bomb area.
Lol. "Yeah. Try not to erase the whole of the Oasis on your first day."
Ha. Doesn't know where he stored the egg. Even though it's just some advanced AI which technically should know everything.
Hmm. Really? That's how it's gonna end for Sorrento?
I liked Ogden Morrow's role in the book. But I guess that was too complicated for the movie.
Oh. Haha. Speak of the devil.

Watched 20180510
Ready Player One (2018) Steven Spielberg. 140 min [botnotsn (2011) by Ernest Cline]

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