Little Witch Academia (2013)

I'd have to say that despite my initial bias (that this would be a Harry Potter rip-off), this short was fun to watch.* While it didn't dive deep into the individual characters, it managed to form a cohesive and understandable story with a fair amount of action in a short time span.

Akko (JP: Megumi Han / EN: Erica Mendez)

With that being said, there was much left to be desired and I have trouble recommending it to others.

Remark: Apparently the movies are independent from the television series. Reddit: "Little Witch Academia (TV) exists in an entirely seperate [sic] continuity from the films and can be watched by itself, before, or after the movies."

*I'm reminded of when I first started watching Digimon and realized it was nothing like Pokemon.

Diana Cavendish (center, JP: Yoko Hikasa / EN: Laura Post) with Hannah (left, JP: Eri Nakao / EN: Jennifer Alyx) and Barbara (right, JP: Chinatsu Akasaki / EN: Alexis Nichols)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 88% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Thus far, around the 7 minute mark, the short just seems like a rip-off of Harry Potter due to a wizarding school, pure blood vs. mudblood, and broom. [I dug into it and it seems various stories have the concept of going to wizarding school, and many which predate Harry Potter.]
It does differentiate itself sufficiently from that point forward.
Why did the shot destroy the dragon? Was the arrow shot non-magical?

Lotte (left, JP: Fumiko Orikasa / EN: Stephanie Sheh), Sucy (right, JP: Michiyo Murase / EN: Rachel Heger), and Akko (front)

Watched 20180524 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)
Little Witch Academia (2013) You Yoshinari. 26 min

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