Expelled from Paradise (2014)

Angela Balzac (JP: Rie Kugimiya, EN: Wendee Lee)

About a third-way into the movie, I realized the film was also a western. I supposed, at this point, that it also belonged to the cyberpunk genre.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It had great action and it covered a couple of philosophical topics which are fun to think about.

On a different note, I didn't have any complaints about the quality of the animation, because I don't watch that much anime and haven't formed a strong frame of reference within the genre.

Angela's second mecha.

Further reiterating a lack of familiarity with the genre, from an outsider's point of view, the movie had a fair amount of fan service (probably an understatement). With that being said, I would still commend the movie on it's action and story; though I suspect the story might be inspired by existing works and frequent viewers may be less satisfied.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the movie to viewers who enjoy action films, are open to animation films, and are unfamiliar with the anime genre. However, my recommendation becomes less certain without any one of those variables being satisfied.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 81% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Dingo (JP: Shinichiro Miki, EN: Steve Blum)

Instant Comments:
Haha. Higher resolution.
Awesome mecha.
Lol. "That explains the lolita vibe..." in reference to her using a younger body.
He certain reveals his usefulness.
Lol, their conversation in the car ride reminds me of Home.
Hehe. Her clothing makes her look out of place. I wonder why she wouldn't have been given a set of regular clothes. Don't get me wrong, she certainly looks hot in her outfit, but out of place nonetheless.*

Angela's uniform on DEVA.

Ha. "Is it because you feel sound down to your bones?"
That's a lot of cable.
34th Street/Penn Station. Does that mean they're in New York? [At least for the exchange, it seems that way]
Awesome. (The robot obtaining consciousness.)
I'm curious on the outcome now. Given that Frontier Setter's intent seems positive. After all, his interest seems to be in preserving the human race. But Angela still has her mission. Will her mind be swayed? And if so, what will occur in the remaining 50% of the film?

That's a huge gun.

Oh, I didn't think about it yet, when she got sent into a body, what exactly got sent? Is there only ever a single copy of her? [Angela later asks Zarik about Frontier Setter, and Zarik turns the conversation around and asks her about herself; he says he doesn't care to question it**][This is later addressed.]
Lol. Frontier Setter defines fascinating as using more computing power than yesterday.
Oh wow. Zarik gets to the core of how DEVA functions, or fails to function.
"I wouldn't live in paradise if I'd become a slave."
I suppose, to answer my wonder above, that the remainder of the film will go down as follows: Angela returns to DEVA, reports what she learned, but then realizes she has to leave back to Earth and will have to fight her way out to do it.

Dingo displays his marksmanship.

As she's talking to the higher ups, I'm curious if they can simply delete her or remove her high amounts of memory.
Hmm. I suppose what she did showed courage, but tactically foolish. She could have just lied and go back to her body. I suppose now it's up to Zarik and Frontier Setter to save her.
Her packet form is cute.
"Now I know how Adam and Eve felt when they were expelled from paradise."
That's quite an escape.
Holy shit. Frontier Setter's defenses are awesome.

She sounds physically stressed. Does it take physical strength to use the mecha? Is it more like an exoskeleton whose strength is proportional to the user? Though I doubt that's the case cause she's just holding onto steering handles. I suppose her hands would get tired.
I suppose the speeds of the mecha would be physically taxing. As well as any jolting within the mecha which occurs.

In the middle of the credits is DEVA talking about stuff.
After the credits is Frontier Setter playing music.

Angela's first mecha.

*Well, this reminds me of when characters are in disguise relative to other in-world characters yet recognizable to the audience (e.g., Clark Kent/Superman, Jesse and James in Pokemon). Technically characters can be drawn to be truly in disguise, if desired, but that would potentially throw off the audience. Being recognizable to the audience becomes a convenience. In this case, Angela could be drawn with clothing to fit in, but under artistic license she can be drawn with anything as long as being in disguise isn't critical to the plot.
**This is similar to my thought on topics such as free will and/or what is real. While fun to discuss, I ultimately accept not needing to know; that is, I don't lose sleep over it.

Watched 20170616 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)*
Expelled from Paradise (2014) Seiji Mizushima. 104 min

Frontier Setter (JP: Hiroshi Kamiya, EN: Johnny Yong Bosch), Dingo, and Angela.

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*It was very difficult to read both sets of subtitles (what the announcer was saying and what she/her computer was saying, so I went back to the beginning and switched to English audio.

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