The BFG (2016)

This movie had a weird start, but it got better and became more magical towards the middle.

Unfortunately, while the movie possessed moments with beautiful visuals and imaginative wo to the likes of Pan's Labyrinth, Chronicles of Narnia, etc., the overall story was rough around the edges and the ending was anti-climatic.

In the end, I would relegate the movie to being potentially fun for kids to watch, and would be reserved about recommending it to adults.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Fiesty. "I'll call the coppers! I will do it!"
Haha. Never this and that. Does them all anyways.

Lol. For someone so big, he sure is stealthy.
I wonder how fast he's going? What's the math on that? Assuming he's 20 times as tall and that allows him to be 20 times as fast. Assume he was running slower, and that a regular sized person running slower at a pace of 10 minutes per mile, or 6 miles per hour, then he was going 120 miles per hour. If he was only 10 times as tall, he'd still be going roughly 60 miles per hour.
Ha. "You asked me wrong." "You snatched me." "You asked me right."

Hehe. I like the way he talks.
Why are they afraid of water? Well. I suppose it makes sense to give them some sort of weakness.
Calls himself the Big Friendly Giant at around the 49 minute mark.
Nice. (Jumping into the water and landing on the other side)

She shortens his name to BFG around the 53 minute mark.

Watched 20170617 (Netflix, Instant)
The BFG (2016) Steven Spielberg. 117 min [botnotsn (2016) by Roald Dahl]

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