Gremlins (1984)

20170612, 20170615:
It's possible I've seen the entire movie before as a kid, but I don't remember and it feels unlikely.

Gizmo (voiced by Howie Mandel)

While I enjoyed the look of the gremlins, their movements, and personalities, I was unimpressed with the story. In particular, it lacked character development and felt disjointed. For example, the story had some plot points with the protagonist's dog, but the dog's involvement in the movie seemed insubstantial. There was, however, an unexpected lesson to be learned at the end of the movie. On the one hand, this helped boost the shallow depth of the movie. On the other hand, it contributes to the disjointed story.

Mr. Wing (Keye Luke), Randall Peltzer (Hoyt Axton), Chinese Boy (John Louie)

In any case, I coincidentally watched the movie the day after Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, which was also a comedy horror. As such, my mind was prepared to watch and recognize another comedy horror. Like with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, I didn't realize Gremlins was a comedy horror prior to watching it. However, I soon got the idea partway into the movie that it was a comedy horror, and soon enough to really enjoy the movie for its horror aspects.

Note that also like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Gremlins wasn't extremely scary; I was never on the edge of my seat. Though I can't speak for everyone, and there may be two or three scenes intended to throw the viewer up and out of his/her chair.

On the comedy side, Gremlins was mildly humorous. In fact, I can only recall (as of 20170616 6AM) only one comedic, over-the-top scene that, at the time, I was ambivalent about. to whether I found it funny or

Overall, Gremlins is something of a classic movie and I did enjoy bits and pieces of it, but

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 96% match.* I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Lynn Peltzer (Frances Lee McCain) prepares to kill a gremlin.

*On 20170615 I was finishing the movie and the movie had shifted down to below the 56% match cutoff, 9th out of 49. My best guess is that ratings are wildly erratic based more on items recently watched than on ratings. [Today (20171119) the ratings had shifted back up to 90%.]

Instant Comments:
1a: 1) Out of the light. 2) Keep him away from water. 3) Never feed him after midnight. (I vaguely remembered #2) (#3 sounds vague to me, 1a: when do you get to start feeding him again? 6AM?)
1a: Oh, that guy was in... Beverly Hills Cop.

Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) and Gizmo.

1a: His dad remembers the real name, but called him Gizmo.
1a: His dad also remembers all the rules. That's comforting.
1a: Lol. Scared of even house lights.
1b: 33 min mark, man mentions Gremlins
1b: Uh-oh. What's this science teacher going to do...
1b: Oh wow. Sabotage.

1b: Lol. He has a bunch of pods in his bedroom and he's rushing off to school...
1b: Hmm. I thought he was gonna eat the teacher but the teacher's body is still there so... maybe he's still alive, too.
1b: Holy crap. Look at his mom go!
1b: I don't understand why the snow wouldn't have been enough to make them multiply.
1b: Hehe. A little stop-motion.
1b: Wow. That just happened. (Mrs. Deagle)

1b: What? They don't help?
1b: I can't fathom what the resolution will be.
1b: Ha. Possible reference to Flashdance.
1b: Damn. What a horrible story.
1b: Lol. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
1b: Gizmo says, "Bambi."

Kate Beringer (Phoebe Cates) and Billy

1b: References E.T. (hiding in dolls, which humorously includes E.T.)
1a=20170612, 1b=20170615

Seen bits and pieces on tv while growing up.
Watched first 28 minutes 20170612 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched the rest 20170615 (Netflix, Instant)
Gremlins (1984) Joe Dante. 106 min

Gremlins Playing Poker

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