Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse (2010)

I've enjoyed reading the Bleach manga (~Volumes 1-21) and I enjoyed watching the Bleach anime, so it's finally time I watched the four Bleach movies. With the two available on Netflix, I randomly decided to watch this one, the fourth of the four Bleach movies.

Ichigo Kurosaki (JP: Masakazu Morita, EN: Johnny Yong Bosch)

While I enjoyed seeing Ichigo and his friends again (with - outside of Ichigo - Rukia, Renji, and Uryu getting major battle time), I was unsatisfied because the movie didn't fit into the Bleach timeline.

Renji Abarai (JP: Kentaro Ito, EN: Wally Wingert)

Consequently, if you're a fan of Bleach, but are like me and desire cohesion,* then I wouldn't extend a recommendation to watch the film. If you're a fan and could care less about cohesion, then this movie has a good enough story and a some good action sequences that would warrant a viewing.

Kokuto (JP: Kazuya Nakai, EN: Travis Willingham)

Finally, I would not recommend the movie to viewers unfamiliar with Bleach, because all of the character backstories (e.g., relationships among the characters and abilities) are assumed knowledge from the anime/manga. Although none of this is necessary to follow the film's story, lack of the knowledge will reduce the impact of each character's actions. With that being said, I would highly recommend the anime/manga itself!

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 85% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*I'm fine with remakes and/or alternatives of a character, e.g., whenever a superhero has his/her backstory changed upon a revamp or retelling of a series. But when a new story has implications of belonging to the same series and fails to fit, then I'd be irritated.

Uryu Ishida (JP: Noriaki Sugiyama, EN: Derek Stephen Prince)

Instant Comments:
Right after deciding to watch this movie, I wondered if the BLEACH movies are canon. [They are not. Especially this fourth one, which would technically take place after Hueco Mundo, but Ichigo lost his powers after Heuco Mundo.]
Ha. "Is it permanent or can you change back?"

Rukia Kuchiki (JP: Fumiko Orikasa, EN: Michelle Ruff)

After the credits we see Karin and Yuzu. Karin is happy to see Yuzu is alright.

Watched 20170618 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)
Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse (2010) Noriyuki Abe. 94 min

Yuzu Kurosaki (JP: Ayumi Sena, EN: Janice Kawaye) and Karin Kurosaki (JP: Rie Kugimiya, EN: Kate Higgins)

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