West Side Story (1961)

Brief Summary:
West Side Story is like a musical version of Romeo and Juliet where instead of the Montagues and Capulets we have the Jets and the Sharks.

Riff (Russ Tamblyn)

I think I watched up to the part where Maria talking with Bernardo and Anita, so before the dance.

[20100601][20151009 Edit]

The first couple of minutes is just music playing over a drawing composed of vertical lines.

"Jet Song"

This abstract drawing eventually fades away to a birds-eye view of a city and if you turn the volume up high enough there is music faintly playing in the background. The camera then zooms in to a group of teenagers. The first dance sequence begins.

"Dance at the Gym"
Maria (Natali Wood, Marni Nixon singing)
Tony (Richard Beymer, Jimmy Bryant singing)

For whatever reason, I wasn't paying attention to part of the song "Maria" and "Tonight" and I paused the movie after "Tonight." I enjoyed the movie thus far.

[20100601][20151009 Edit]

I decided to start watching the second half by re-watching "Tonight."

Anita (Rita Moreno)
Bernardo (George Chakiris)

For the end of the scene "Tonight," I thought it was interesting how Tony said "I love you" and Maria responded with "Yes."

Another interesting scene was the rumble. In that scene a lot of the Sharks climbed over the fence, but some of them just went through the tunnel.


Maybe this had more theatrical appeal. Similarly, when Tony left at the end of the scene, he ran around and went over the fence while Anybody just went through the tunnel. Though I would admit, Tony went over the fence with great style.

As for the ending, Maria's last few lines were good and the ending deviated from my expectations. In particular, I thought the movie would end like Romeo and Juliet.

The Jets and the Sharks pretend to get along.
Lieutenant Schrank (Simon Oakland) remains suspicious.

Overall, I give the movie two thumbs up.

[20100602][20151009 Edit]

Today I decided to watch this movie for a second time. However, I got distracted a little less than halfway through it.

"I Feel Pretty"

Instant Comments:
2a: The first five minutes are just music.
2a: The first actual dialogue at the fifteen minute mark. Before that, it's just short calls or sounds.

Today, picking up from where I left off, I finished the movie.

"One Hand, One Heart"

In any case, I should note that I love all the choreography and dancing more than any of the singing.

Instant Comments:
2b: "I see you." Hehe, I think of Avatar (2009).
2b: "I and Velma ain't dumb!"
2b: Hehe, absolutely every gymnastic stunt is done by Russ Tamblyn (Riff)

"Tonight Quintet"

2b: Haha. Anybodys (Susan Oakes) pushes all the Puerto Ricans as she leaves, what attitude.
2b: It's all Maria's fault... :p
2b: "He killed your brother!" Then proceeds to awkwardly run away.
2b: "Get cool!"
2b: What jerks (picking on Anita)

"The Rumble"

1b: Credits are shown as names over a wall of grafitti and as names on the wall itself. The camera pans from credit to credit.

Extra Features:
1b: After finishing the movie, I watched the only extra feature on the disc: the trailer.


1b: Upon watching it, I was surprised how it revealed quite a chunk of the movie, including important parts, like deaths.
1b=20100602, 2b=20140405

"When do you kids stop? You make this world lousy!" "We didn't make it, Doc."

"All of you! You all killed him! And my brother, and Riff. Not with bullets, or guns, with hate. Well now I can kill, too, because now I have hate!"

Watched 1st quarter 200XXXXX
Watched 1st half 20100531
Watched 2nd half 20100602
Watched 1st, 2nd fifths 20140404 (Netflix, Instant, HD)
Watched remaining fifths 20140405 (Netflix, Instant, HD)
West Side Story (1961) Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise. 152 min [aft Broadway musical otsn (1957)][based on Romeo and Juliet (1500's) by William Shakespeare]

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