WALL-E (2008)

With less dialogue, the movie focused more on the visual aspects.

I applaud the movie for sending a message about protecting the planet.

WALL-E (Ben Burtt)

Overall, it was a cute and great movie. I would highly recommend it.

On an unrelated note, Ben Burtt, the voice of WALL-E, does sound for movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Most Memorable Scene: The ship inhabitants become unplugged.

[20110122][20170307 Edit]

What a beautiful way to tell a romance. It shows to tell you don't need dialogue to tell a wonderful story.

EVE (Elissa Knight) and WALL-E

Favorite scene: WALL-E and EVE in space (with the fire extinguisher)

After watching Frozen (2013) on my way home from Minnesota to California, I decided to watch Wall-E.


Today I watched this movie. We actually started watching the movie a month or so ago, but didn't get very far. Today I had walked away from the movie starting from the scene where WALL-E is holding onto the ship as it goes into space, and came back when WALL-E releases himself from the cage and thinks that Eve is being tortured.

Instant Comments:
1: It's interesting to realize that WALL-E is one of many.
3: Hehe, they immediately show why this WALL-E unit is still staying strong (recycling parts)
3: The robots look like those from portal
3: Interesting that the electricity is still on in some places though
3: It's also interesting how WALL-E developed a desire to collect objects.
3: The spork goes between the spoon and fork.

WALL-E passes some passengers on the AXIOM

3: Haha, the Twinkie.
3: The Mac bootup noise...
3: "Ahh!"
3, 4a: [3: Lol,] [4a: Hehe] throws away the diamond ring.
3: Oh right, his experience with the fire extinguisher.
3: I guess it's like a cat following a light. (WALL-E follows the red dot.)
3: Awww.... unrequited love...
2a: So cute.
2a, 4a: The first "dialogue" at 23 min. "Directive?" "Classified."
2a: Immediately followed by the following with their names.

WALL-E and EVE in space

4a: Ben copies WALL-E and says "Eee-vah."
3: The singing fish! "Listen to a song I wrote, don't worry, be happy"
3: Her interaction with everything... hahaha. Lights up bulb. Solves rubik's cube.
3: We get to see a tape being wound.
3: A very strange romance....
3: Wall-E and the Ship of Theseus
3: Pong. [20211218: Probably when WALL-E is playing pong "with" EVE
4a: How do they pay for all this? [Also aren't there limited resource]
4a: How are there babies? How do they make love if they can't move?
4a: 700 years! When originally the plan was 5 years... no way they would have the resources planned for an additional 695 years?

Captain (Jeff Garlin)

4a: Paused at "Define sea."
2a: Beautiful space scene
2a: The AXIOM inhabitants speaking at 40 min.
4b: I didn't remember that the captain made a significant contribution in taking down auto prior to the final returning of the ship. Though on a separate note, why should turning the ship cause anyone to go off balance. Theoretically the gravity appears to be generated and the ship turning would at best just provide a jerk.
4b: Why did it take WALL-E time to refresh his memory other than for suspense...
4b: There are already more plants!


2a: The end titles tells the story of the restoration of the planet with artwork that progresses through history.
4b: Some post return to earth depictions
2a: Then when the credits roll, we start with EVE and WALL-E. Then MO follows WALL-E's tracks. Various references to the movie are made. Oh and there's the cockroach. And various other robots, such as AUTO. Then when the PIXAR logo appears at the end, the lamp goes out and WALL-E replaces it. He leaves but knocks over the R. So he himself forms an R. Then the BNL logo appears at the very end of the movie.
4b: 2D rendition. Summary of the plot.

Post Credits:
4b: WALL-E comes to replace the lightbulb of the lamp, Luxo Jr. Then knocks over the R and so stands in its place.
4b: The BNL logo then comes up


Presto: Theatrical Short
2b: While not as great a short as the most recent Day & Night, it was lightly humorous.

BURN-E: All New Original Short
2b: Follows a BURN-E unit which is a side story that runs parallel to the main movie.

Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds From The Sound Up
2b: This feature covers the sound in the movie, and the sound, as explained during the introduction, is of utmost importance in this movie.
2b: Haha! Wow... Awesome (EVE's laser gun sound)
2b: The feature goes through some of the older things that have been done.
2b: Wow... watching this feature is so enlightening. Props to Ben Burtt and sound designers in general.

Luxo Jr. and WALL-E

Deleted Scenes:
2b: There are two deleted scenes. The first scene, "Garbage Airlock," would change the direction of the ending of the film. The movie as it is has a more dramatic touch, but this deleted scene is definitely interesting to watch. The second scene, "Dumped," I guess would have been in place of the fire extinguisher scene.

1=20080627, 2a=20110129, 2b=20110130 (watch special features), 3=20150830, 4a=20211216, 4b=20211217, 5=20240216

Released 20080627.
Watched 20080627 Theater. Century Huntington Beach [WALL-E] 5:40P $7.00
Watched 20110129 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library)
Watched 20150830
Watched first half 20211216, second half 20211217 (Disney+)
Watched 20240216 (Disney+)
WALL-E (2008) Andrew Stanton. 98 min.

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