The King's Speech (2010)

This movie was an excellent movie.

I loved how there is humor dispersed appropriately throughout the movie. I might have lost interest without it.

I don't think I could pick a favorite scene from this movie, because it was consistently great.

My friend asked if I could tell Lionel Logue's Australian accent apart from the English accents. I said no, and figured it was possible the character could just have an English accent. However, now that I'm at home, I found the following: Australian English ( The article specifically mentions that Geoffrey Rush, the actor who plays Lionel Logue, speaks cultivated Australian English which has similarities to British Received Pronounciation and that cultivated Austrialian English is often mistaken for British Received Pronounciation.

Geoffrey Rush (left) and Colin Firth (right)

This is such a great movie and I'm glad I watched it again.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush put on great performances. Watching it this time around, I also noticed Helena Bonham Carter's performance.


Instant Comments:
OMG, that initial scene is emotionally painful to watch.
Seriously. I'd choke on those marbles too.
"He can insert his own bloody marbles!"
Behind a powerful man is a powerful woman.
Huh. I wonder how long I'd have to practice before I could convincingly form a speech impediment. I couldn't imagine Colin Firth's pauses and clicks are scripted.
Haha. "How about Bertie?"
"It makes it official then." Hahaha.
"Because I bloody well stammer!"
Great humor. "A fortune."

Helena Bonham Carter

Ha. The Royal Highness goes up and down.
"We shared the... expert ministrations of... Paulette in Paris." "Not at the same time, of course."
"Apparently she has certain skills. Acquired at an establishment in Shanghai." Hahaha.
Timothy Spall is Winston Churchill.
"Shit. Shit, shit shit. Shit, shit, shit...!"
"Perhaps he doesn't want to be great. Perhaps that what you want."
Haha. It goes back to what I said earlier, but perhaps I should amend what I said earlier to, "Behind a great man is a great woman."
1 hour 9 minute mark. Albert. George.

The King's Speech.

Title at 1 hour 36 minute mark.
Ha. "You stammered on the W." "I had to throw in a few. So they'd knew it was me."

Released 20101210.
Watched 20110129 Theatre. Landmark's Harbor East Cinema [KING'S SPEEC] 8:30 PM $11.00
Watched 20130210,1 (Netflix, Instant, HD)
The King's Speech (2010) Tom Hooper. 118 min.

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