Funny People (2009)

This movie was decently funny.

Jonah Hill is hilarious. Aziz Ansari's parts are good, too. Seth Rogen is alright.

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Instant Comments:
Haha, Eminem and Ray Romano:
Eminem: Everyone in this fucking room is either staring at us, wanting to take a fucking picture. [interrupted]
Ira Wright: [Ira takes a picture of Eminem and George from across the room] Yeah. Got it.
Ray Romano: E-mail that to me.
Ira Wright: I will. That's awesome.
Ray Romano: Yeah.
Eminem: Who the fuck is that guy right there?
Eminem: [Eminem points at Ray] That fucking guy right there.
George Simmons: What? Ray Romano's bothering you?
Eminem: Who? Ray, Ray who?
George Simmons: Ray Romano, the guy from Everybody Loves Raymond.
Eminem: I don't give a fuck what show he's on. I'll fuck this motherfucker up, man!
George Simmons: Hey.
Eminem: Hey, Ray!
Ray Romano: Hello, Marshall.
Eminem: Fucking problem here, buddy?
[Ray shakes his head confused]
Eminem: Would you like to fuck me? Is that what this is?
Ray Romano: [to Ira] I don't get it, man. What's going on?
Eminem: Would you like me to fucking bend over for you right now?
Ira Wright: [whispering] Say no.
Ray Romano: No, man.
Eminem: [to George] I just gotta always be on my toes, man. You know?
George Simmons: I see that, but not with Ray Romano.
Ray Romano: [to Ira] This is why I don't go out of the house.
Ira Wright: I thought everybody loved you.

Special Features:
We watched both gag reels. Then both line-o-ramas.


Watched 20110105 (Blu-ray)
Funny People (2009) Judd Apatow. 146 min.

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