Click (2006)

I had seen this movie before, but had forgotten the majority of it. In particular, I forgot that the movie gets really sad at one point.

The movie has various short laughs.

I watched the deleted scenes.

I totally didn't recognize Jonah Hill. I went back to that scene after watching the movie and seeing his name in the credits. His face looked different from how he looks now.

But I recognized Sean Astin, haha.
Lol, and I just saw from the credits that Rob Schneider plays Prince Habeeboo.
Oh, I just learned that Julie Kavner, the actress who plays Michael Newman's mom Trudy, does the voice of Marge on The Simpsons.

I recently saw Henry Winkler in Scream (1996). Of course, there's his role in Happy Days! "Aaay!"
Christopher Walken is my favorite character in the movie.
Kate Beckinsale is beautiful.

This movie is occasionally funny and gets pretty sad towards the end. Overall, it has a good take-home message, but fails to deliver consistent quality entertainment.

Instant Comments:
3: I recognize him! "Bed, Bath & Beyond Guy" is Nick Swardson. He plays Terry in Reno 911!.
3: "Ooh. I guess the O'Doyles' remote can kiss my advanced-technological ass then." "I don't know the O'Doyles, but... they can bite it hard."

3: At about the twenty minute mark Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is working on his project and uses a drafting pencil whose colors resemble a set of sketching/drafting pencils available at Staples (I own some).
3: James Earl Jones.
3: Ha. "Is this a man or a woman?"

3: "What is this, Animal Planet?"
3: Smile. "If you message me first." "Okay, let's go to sleep."
3: "You know calculus?"

Watched once before.
Watched 20110111 (DVD)
Watched 20140604 (Netflix, Instant)
Click (2006) Frank Coraci. 107 min.

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