The Golden Compass (2007)

Great movie! Well, the ending had me a little stumped. Apparently, the film omitted the book ending, in case there was a sequel, because the book on which the film is based is part of a trilogy, and in the case of a sequel the ending to the first book would make a much more exciting beginning to a second film. Apparently, the movie was also made shorter that it could have been for budget reasons. Nevertheless, the special effects were great. I never got tired of the daemons turning into dust or the visual effects that accompany the use of the Golden Compass. Of course there's the daemons themselves. Speaking of which...

My favorite scene was the battle between Iorek and Ragnar.

I definitely made the connection between the movie and the religion themes. Apparently (I read quite a bit of the Wikipedia article for this movie after I finished watching it), this created a lot of controversy. I had no personal issues with the content of the movie.

Returning to the issue I brought forth above concerning the ending, I would have no complaints if a sequel was in the works, but seeing as there isn't one in the works, it is upsetting.

Watched 20110130 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library)
The Golden Compass (2007) Chris Weitz. 113 min [botn Northern Lights (1995) by Philip Pullman]

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