Scream (1996)

I really like the ending. The beginning was alright; I suppose I was expecting a little more.

I suppose since I haven't seen many scary movies that all the scary movie references and cliche were less obvious/humorous to me.

Great film.


Rose McGowan was in Charmed (1998-2006), though her introduction to the series was in 2001; I watched many episodes of Charmed.
Courtney Cox was in Friends (1994-2004); I watched many of these episodes, too.
Neve Campbell was in Party of Five (1994-2000); I watched none of this series.

Special Features:
I watched the red band trailer and the green band trailer. I couldn't tell the difference. Playing the two different trailers simultaneously on YouTube, the red band trailer had the scene of Sidney escaping from the attacker in the girl's restroom. Why does that make the trailer not suitable for all audiences?

Watched 20110101 (DVD)
Scream (1996) Wes Craven. 111 min.

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Scream (

This HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) episode is funny, but not so much a "How It Should Have Ended."


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