Ghost in the Shell (1995)

I watched the end of this movie once before. From the part where she attacks the tank. In any case, I thought the animation looked cool. The storyline is something along the lines of The Matrix (1999) mixed with I, Robot (2004); which makes sense seeing how The Matrix was influenced by Ghost in the Shell (1995). Those kinds of stories (e.g., The Matrix and I, Robot) are fun to think about. While it gets deep and has great action, the movie isn't consistently great. There was one scene where the protagonist is too straightforward with plot explanation. I'd much prefer the explanation be made subtle, otherwise I run into realizing I'm watching a movie. I mean, the point is I know it's a movie, but I'm enjoying the concept of the universe that is being presented, and all of a sudden there's blatant storyline. At least if there's going to be blatant storyline explanation, it should happen at the beginning of the movie, not the middle. Or, this is one of the situations where narration can be used. Of course that's a personal preference; with movies, because they tend to last at least an hour, I treasure a strong finish over a strong start. (With music I prefer a strong hook.)

I also didn't really understand the ending that well. I got the gist, but not fully understanding dampened the power of the movie. I know it had to do with what she heard on the boat, but I don't know how.

What we see now is like a dim image in the mirror. Then we shall see face to face.

Batou, remember the words I spoke in another voice on the boat that night.
I understand it now and there are even more words that go with the passage. These words are
"When I was a child my speech, feelings, and thinking were all those of a child.
Now that I'm a man I have no more use for childish ways."
And now I can say these things without help in my own voice,
because now I am neither the woman known as the Major nor am I the program called the Puppet Master.

Lol, looking at it, the two parts don't really go together at all. Unless I'm missing something.

I also didn't really like the delivery of the final lines of the film. Or perhaps I just didn't like the final lines at all.

Watched 20110124 (Netflix, Instant) (Fullscreen) (Krieger 205)
Ghost in the Shell (1995) Mamoru Oshii. 82 min.
also known as Kokaku kidotai (original title)

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