Night at the Museum (2006)

I remembered liking this movie the first time I watched it. But I guess this is one of those movies that isn't the same the second time around. Though some scenes made more sense (I realized, watching it this time, that the key copied was to Larry's apartment, not to the museum).

I feel there's a plot hole in the movie, which I can sort of explain away, but not with satisfaction. In order to not ruin the movie, I ask this question: What exactly kind of person were the night watchmen looking for?

While the credits are rolling, two scenes come up with the night watchmen. The first is them mopping and complaining. The second has them dancing. Dick Van Dyke (who I grew up watching in Mary Poppins) is great!

The taxi driver that appears in a scene near the end of the movie is played by Charles Murphy, older brother of Eddie Murphy.

Haha, I forgot Owen Wilson was the miniature Jedediah Smith. Fun surprise.

Watched once before.
Watched 20110109 (DVD)
Night at the Museum (2006) Shawn Levy. 108 min.

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