Chaos Theory (2008)

I wasn't 100% satisfied with the plot. I felt that Frank Allen's wife Susan should have been a little more reasonable with him, given her past. He was trying to explain and she didn't listen. On the bright side, she isn't a hypocrite.

At first I reasoned that this was one of those things that only happen in movies to create a story and make the movie interesting. Like two people who are looking for each other and they somehow pass by each other while the audience is like "Oh no!" or when one character misinterprets something they see or hear. However, the requirement is that while silly or devastating, the event should be possible or believable and the movie failed to make me believe the wife could have acted the way she did.

I suppose this is how my friend felt about a part of Black Swan (2010). That is there should be a consistency within the film.

I successfully predicted the "Talk" and "Walk" index cards.

When I started the movie, I was wondering if I was watching the right movie, because the first couple minutes had nothing to do with the movie summary. After the first couple of minutes, Ryan Reynolds comes in and starts to tell the story which is the main part of the movie.

Because of the beginning of the movie, you know things should resolve positively, at least for father and daughter. So it doesn't ruin anything to say the scene where the father and daughter reunite is the most touching in the movie.

Viewing the message of the movie negatively: It's okay to cheat as long as years later you regret doing so.
Message of the movie positively: Love and forgiveness overcome past mistakes.


Watched 20110118 (Netflix, Instant)
Chaos Theory (2008) Marcos Siega. 87 min.

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