American Gangster (2007)

I like how the story kept me interested. That was good, I liked it.

After watching the movie I read the article. It was interesting. It wasn't easy to read the whole article. I could spot the different bits and pieces used by the movie.

I can't pinpoint why, but I like this movie more than Goodfellas (1990). If I were to guess, then I'd say it was that this movie has more action than Goodfellas. It also had a goal and built up tension over a longer period of time than Goodfellas did. On the other hand, this movie didn't have any spectacularly great shots. I thought character development was better in this movie than in Goodfellas. Well... I guess I take that back, they might just be about the same in this area. Perhaps this movie was simple for me, and Goodfellas was too complex, and most people, especially frequent movie goers or fans of the genre, will for that reason, prefer Goodfellas over American Gangster.

Interestingly, American Gangster is 11 minutes longer than Goodfellas. But I had lots of trouble sitting through Goodfellas, and practically no trouble sitting through American Gangster. I say practically, because in some sense I did want to know how much time was left, since I wanted the movie to get to the resolution. But I resisted the urge to look, simply because I wouldn't try to determine the time remaining if I was watching a film in a movie theatre. In any case, I deduce that I probably wasn't in the right mood when watching Goodfellas. I recall I said I would probably enjoy Goodfellas more if I watched it a second time. The role of the wife in Goodfellas is more interesting than the role of the wife in American Gangster.

The little snippet after the end of the credits is cool.

The best scene just might be when Frank's mom slaps him (the entire scene, not just when she slaps him).

The second best would be the initial part of the resolution.

Watched 20110127 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library) Theatrical Version (158 min).
American Gangster (2007) Ridley Scott. 157 min [bot article "Return of Superfly" (August 14, 2010 issue of New York Magazine) by Mark Jacobson]

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