Appaloosa (2008)

Not bad. I liked Viggo Mortensen's performance.

I think my favorite scene is scene 19, Apache meeting.

The appearance of the cougar in one of the scenes as the train passes by is cool.

After watching the shootout scene in this movie, scene 22, I started wondering about the mechanics of it all. I mean, if the intention was to kill or injure the other person, why determine a time for it? I suppose it gives them time to prepare, which is a polite gesture, but in this case, the moment the fight became four against two, why not take aim and begin the shootout?

Well I read various posts and websites to conclude that a well aimed shot was much more useful than a fast, but badly aimed shot, specifically because guns during the time had bad accuracy to begin with. Thus, it doesn't matter who wants to initiate the shootout, because the reaction time to begin to raise your arm is probably insignificant. In any case, the scene, after watching it four or five times, seems to be rather realistic. I guess guns would be too heavy to kept up at aim for an extended period of time.

Two interesting credit positions are "Ms. Zellweger's Piano Teacher" and "Apache Language Consultant."

For the music, Renee Zellweger performs a song and Ed Harris performs a song.

I sort of watched the deleted scenes. I watched without commentary. I only sort of watched it, because I was reading about duels and the reality of quick draws.

I watched the special feature Historic Accuracy of Appaloosa. This feature describes how the movie paid attention to all the details. The costumes, the guns, and the train are some of these details. With the guns, the special describes a bit of what I learned above. Specifically acknowledging that guns of the time were inaccurate, and mentioning how the characters held their guns at their side and shot at pretty close ranges.

I want to end summarizing the above and any other information I obtained on the topic of gunfights: During this time period, it wasn't about being the fastest, it was about having the guts to take the time to take aim. This conclusion is made from a combination of various sources and the Historic Accuracy of Appaloosa special feature. The special feature says the character Frank, with the exception of the first time we see him shoot two guys, isn't really making fast shots, but takes his time aiming.

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Watched 20110127 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library) Widescreen
Appaloosa (2008) Ed Harris. 115 min [botnotsn (2005) by Robert B. Parker]

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