The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Today I saw an old draft post which began "Watched 20120803 Netflix" and had the following three comments "The flow of this movie was slow and jagged. The movie would have benefited from faster story telling. As such I was unsatisfied with the ending." While the sentence structure more or less reflects my style of writing, I didn't have any recollection of the movie.

Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey)

On the one hand, I've experienced numerous situations where I know I've seen a movie but remember absolutely nothing (several years later). On the other hand, I usually recall scenes and lines upon watching them again. In this, case however, I first looked at a trailer and didn't remember anything. Then I started watching the movie and it failed to ring a bell.

There was one line that was vaguely familiar, but other than that, I didn't recognize any others.

In any case, what started out as me trying to determine if I saw this movie, turned into me simply watching this movie. And, by the end, I was almost certain I hadn't seen it before.

Maggie McPherson (Marisa Tomei)

I'd be surprised if I had previously seen The Lincoln Lawyer and had made the above comments after seeing it. First, because it felt like I hadn't seen it yet. Second, because after today's viewing I thought the movie was appropriately paced. In particular, despite a small reveal in the middle of the plot, the movie keeps a healthy amount of tension and carries the movie to the ending just fine.

Overall, the movie's not great, but good enough to watch once.

Instant Comments:
The line I recognized: "I got my license back three months ago, Earl."

Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe)

"Are you sure there's not anything that you're not telling me?" When Louis Roulet replied ("Nothing.") That's when the story got interesting.
Oh damn. Different knife...
Given what we know at this point (Haller just slept with his ex-wife), I would guess Haller is being set up by Roulet because Haller defended the man who raped Roulet's mother (assuming Roulet wasn't lying about such an event taking place)
Holy. I didn't see that coming (mug shot) of Roulet
"You got one client in jail... for what your other client did. What'cha gonna do Mick?"

Frank Levin (William H. Macy)

The thing is. The gun used was Haller's gun, but he has an alibi, he was at his daughter's soccer game.
He said "nobody deserves that to happen." I'm not sure where the prosecutor was going with that. I suppose it means, of course crimes just happen to people. It shouldnt' happen to anybody.
Haha. "I still got your gun." "Then you're gonna have to explain how you got it."

Watched 20170524
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) Brad Furman. 118 min [botnotsn (2005) by Michael Connelly]

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