Hidden Figures (2016)

I don't keep up with the latest movies and so I hadn't heard of Hidden Figures until today. I liked the plot overview (keyword: mathematicians) and so I decided to give the movie a go.

First, I entirely enjoyed the themes of the movie: women are capable of being smart, segregation in the 1960's was difficult, and sometimes we don't notice the hard work being done behind the scenes.

With that being said, there was something missing in the movie. Perhaps the ending wasn't as dramatic as I expected.

Overall, I'd still recommend the movie for it's themes.

Instant Comments:
"Colored Computers"
I like the shoe in the scene.
"I wouldn't have to, I'd already be one."
I don't entirely understand the conversation between her and her boss (when he threw her report in the trash)
Why aren't there colored men in the computing group?
I suppose the church scenes illustrate both the support and lack of support from the colored community (and in particular colored men) for colored women.
John Glenn

Mathematics Consultant
Dialect Coach
Pharrell Williams

Watched 20170509 (EVA Air in-flight entertainment)
Hidden Figures (2016) Theodore Melfi. 127 min

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