BoJack Horseman Season 3

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"Small bottle of shampoo? Not on my watch."
"It made me really wet."
She references the credits. "Are you more man than horse or are you more horse than man?" "What does that mean?"
Huh. I guess his response was unexpected because it's different than what I was hoping for him. I guess that's what's great about the show. BoJack is this complex character...

BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett)

Seems like the series took a step back in time.
Ha. Two big hits turned down: No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Ironically, he has a picture of His Squirrel Friday (His Girl Friday) on his wall.
Smile. "Sounds like this guy went to Yale or something" (the guy made it clear that he went to Harvard)
Smile. She references There Will Be Blood: "I'm an oil man. I drink your milkshake."
Interesting. So BoJack ruined a perfectly good show.
Haha. I never watched The Sopranos, but I heard about the ending. This is their explanation for the black screen ending.
Oh wow. I didn't realize Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married.
Huh. So... apparently this other show is the reason for people's modern-day opinion of Horsin' Around?

Diane Nguyen (right, Alison Brie)

Hahaha. "Watch your mouth lady. There are children here."
20191103 24:30

Fun and clever episode (they're bouncing around in the deep ocean)
Smile. Vodka up the butt.
Smile. The guy uses a button to talk. BoJack tries it and says "Oh you have got to be..."
Different end credits.
20191103 25:00

Mr. Peanutbutter mentions Cool Runnings.
Hahahahaha. Mr. Peanutbutter points to himself and the marriage counselor shakes her head.
Smile. She takes the no smoking sign to light his cigar.
Ha. Todd. "You look really dumb right now."
Diane asks if the drugs are working. I've been there. [It eventually kicks in though.]
References If you give a mouse a cookie.
"Do you not know? You're pregnant." "Motherf..."
This episode really turned things around for the different characters. What a swing from near the end of season 2. We have changes for Princess Carolyn, Todd, Diane, and in a way BoJack (who seems to have some self-realization after his "pep" talk to the bride on why she should get married instead of calling the wedding off).
20191105 23:00

Todd (Aaron Paul) wearing a paper mache head of himself

HAHAHAHA. "Oh no we said different things!" spoiler
Oh I haven't been watching the credits. The credits are different from the first and second season. [It seems as if each season has it's own major set of visuals.]
Ha. Holy shit. Sextina Aquafina's song "Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus."
BoJack fires his publicist for two-timing him.
Part of Sextina's song plays at the end.
20191105 23:30

Smile. "I just won the Baby's Choice Award."
Smile. Glass of water.
BoJack is listed as 1200 lbs and 19.75 hands. Among the various facts, the last one says he's had more than 100 sexual partners.
I like how BoJack told the whole story.
It seems like a lot of wasted time just to keep a customer subscribed.
Darn, I was hoping he'd get to cancel his subscription after all.
20191106 21:30

BoJack with his publicist Ana Spanikopita (Angela Bassett)

Smile. Sarah Lynn's reason for going sober.
Smile. "What if we made our safe space for women... also available for men."
Huh. This show's swings are unpredictable. A major feels bad for BoJack-Kelsey. I suppose Princess Carolyn deserves her loss since it was her own action that caused it, but sucks for BoJack.
20191106 23:00

"And my butt ran away with the spoon."
Hahaha. The song was surprisingly specific.
Aww. BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he loved her.
BoJack's answer: "No."
20191128 21:45

Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) and BoJack

The evolution of the company.
I can see the reason for BoJack being upset, but reading in between the lines, Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd made a choice for BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter saved him.
20191128 22:10

"Asian Daria"
Very end: Hmm... is she gone this time? I would think yes. Since the show seems dark enough to go there.
20191128 22:45

Wow. The flashback shows he wasn't really there for her. Well, maybe he ended up trying. We'll have to watch the rest of the episode.
Haha. The hashtags.
"It wasn't on fleek. Fleek was on it."
Half humorous: Todd "accidentally" tipping. Is it meant to be serious? As in, he really just gave away eight million dollars. The show is fictional, but reflects real life in most ways, and in real life, no company would blatantly accept a charge of eight million dollars.
Marley & Me.
Does he have a daughter?
The writers really know how to end a season...
20191128 23:10

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