No Country for Old Men (2007)

Anton Chirgurh (Javier Bardem)

Wow, No Country for Old Men was great; the suspense, the violence, the beginning, the end... it was all great. Oh, and I loved Chigurh's choice of weapons.

The critical point of the movie happened at the 1 hour 15 minutes mark (a little over halfway through the two-hour movie).

I was curious what caused Llewelyn (Josh Brolin) to return to the scene of the drug deal. Was it his sense of compassion? Was it some sort of guilt?

Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin)

In any case, the killing part of the story reminded me of The Departed (2006), but darker. Of course the stories are completely different and The Departed (2006) is a remake of a Hong Kong film called Infernal Affairs (2002), while No Country for Old Men is based on the novel of the same name by Cormac McCarthy.

Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones)

The idea of flipping a coin was too similar to Two-Face's style of justice. However, I learned from Wikipedia that there's an entire concept which revolves around flipping coins to determine one's fate: it's called Flipism (

Chigurh tends to his own wound.

Out of the bonus features, I watched 'The Making of No Country for Old Men' and listened to 'Working with the Coens.' I decided not to watch or listen to 'Diary of a Country Sheriff' today. Though I should have done that instead of repeatedly listening to the (short) Bonus Features menu sound clip. Eventually I decided to listen to the sound clip that loops over the main menu; that one was longer and had some meat to it.

Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson)

In any case, if you haven't seen this movie, you should definitely watch it.

On a side note, I eventually realized that Kelly Macdonald has a Scottish accent; I couldn't tell from her performance in the movie. That's as amazing as Hugh Laurie's American accent in House M.D. (Laurie is an English actor).

Carla Jean Moss (Kelly Macdonald) and Llewelyn

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Watched 20100313 @ Home (DVD)
No Country for Old Men (2007) Ethan Coen, Joel Coen. 122 min [botnotsn (2005) by Cormac McCarthy]

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"Sailing to Byzantium"
William Butler Yeats


That is no country for old men. The young
In one another's arms, birds in the trees
- Those dying generations - at their song,
The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas,
Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long
Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.
Caught in that sensual music all neglect
Monuments of unageing intellect.


An aged man is but a paltry thing,
A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress,
Nor is there singing school but studying
Monuments of its own magnificence;
And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
To the holy city of Byzantium.


O sages standing in God's holy fire
As in the gold mosaic of a wall,
Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre,
And be the singing-masters of my soul.
Consume my heart away; sick with desire
And fastened to a dying animal
It knows not what it is; and gather me
Into the artifice of eternity.


Once out of nature I shall never take
My bodily form from any natural thing,
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enamelling
To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
Or set upon a golden bough to sing
To lords and ladies of Byzantium
Of what is past, or passing, or to come.

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