The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Released in the year 2000, The Emperor's New Groove marked Disney Animation Studio's 40th film.

Pacha (John Goodman) and Kuzco (David Spade)

While there's nothing particularly awesome about this movie, it had a good story and I enjoyed the animation.

Unfortunately, I have no good explanation as to why I don't enjoy it as much as some other Disney movies. Perhaps the characters simply aren't as memorable to me.

Overall, I would recommend the movie to Disney fans, but those unfamiliar with Disney may consider prioritizing other Disney films first. With that being said, I certainly have a preference for the ones with a lot of singing. Examples include Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010), The Lion King (1994), and Aladdin (1992).

Yzma (Eartha Kitt) and Kronk (Patrick Warburton)

On 20181204, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match. I gave the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Haha. No reason.
John Goodman is the voice of Pacha.
Oh, Kronk's voice sounds familiar because he's also the voice of Joe Swanson in Family Guy and Brock Samson in The Venture Bros.
While looking at the voice actors, I found out that Emperor Kuzco is voiced by David Spade.
"Wrong lever!" [...] "Why do we even have that lever?"
Lol, that's a roundabout way to kill someone. Oh good, she realizes she can save on postage.
It's silly because the narrator is the Emperor. But the Emperor is not omniscent, yet narrates events on which he is unaware.

Tipo (Eli Russell Linnetz), Chaca (Kellyann Kelso), and Chicha (Wendie Malick)

Interesting that Pacha's children dreamed what actually happened to him.
Fourth wall gets broken. "They saw the whole thing, they know what happened."
"Tell us where the talking llama is and we'll burn the house down."
"Okay, why does she even have that lever?"
Yzma is mostly drawn to be old and skinny like Cruella DeVil, but she isn't nearly as crazy or evil as Cruella.
Hehe, Kronk and Yzma stop to notice the dotted lines.
"Lions, tigers, bears." "Oh my."
"You got me, by all accounts it doesn't make sense." [He pulls down the map that we were following.]

Kuzco Llama (David Spade)

"Looking for this?"
"you owe me a new acorn."

Under "Character Animation," each main character is listed with a supervising animator, the voice actor, and various other animators. Of course, Kuzco/Kuzco Llama has the most animators assigned while minor characters only have a single lead animator listed and even smaller characters are handled by a single lead animator.
Then after those, there is a list of "Rough Inbetweeners." I was reading about the 2D animation process the other day, and these animators have the job of filling in the frames drawn by the lead animator and the main animation team which work on a specific character.

Afterwards, there's the "Clean-up Animation."

I've seen at least some scenes, if not all, of this movie once before.
Watched 20140206 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 202111XX (Disney+)*
The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

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*20211217: Actually, I'm not absolutely sure when I watched this (with Ben and Ada), but it feels as if I saw it in November.

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