Meet Bill (2007)

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Meet Bill (2007) Bernie Goldmann, Melisa Wallack. 93 min

Bill (Aaron Eckhart)
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I mostly enjoyed this movie simply because I was interested in watching the protagonist undergo a change of character.

Laura (Marisa Coughlan)
On a related note, the movie because it had a positive impact on me, similar to the impact which comedy film Tenure (2009) had on me several months ago.

Explicitly, both movies happened to address various personal thoughts and questions I had regarding where I would be in the upcoming months.

Bill eavesdrops on his wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks)
With that being said, both movies are subpar comedies. While the overarching story is solid and inspirational, Meet Bill sometimes feels loosely woven together and perhaps could have been fine-tuned for a narrative centered more on the Bill (Aaron Eckhart).

Instant Comments:
Oh snaps. "Bill, I need five copies of this, ok?"

Jim Whittman (Jason Sudeikis) and Jane Whittman (Kristen Wig).
I haven't seen Jessica Alba in a while. That scene...
Hehe. "Get the duck."
Ha. "Why aren't you into blowjobs?"
Haha, omg. "He doesn't look that sick to me."

The Kid (Logan Lerman)
"It's the 'Deranged Fan'!"
Ha. Who's mentoring who here. Lol.
Oh, I get it. He doesn't approve of killing animals, so intentionally missed, but he can shoot just fine.
Haha. "Hey! Apologize! Apologize!" "Sorry!"

Bill decides to shave his chest hair.
HA! "Let me tell you something, life is discriminatory. Deal with it!"
"Gross." "Oh come on, you have a great ass." Ha.
Man, this kid has got moves. He really embraces his confidence.
Haha. The sucking of the frosting.

Lucy (Jessica Alba)
Ha! "Don't cuss at me."
Hahahaha. (they get high)
Ha. "It's 10:30." [...] "No."
Oh my, this ending (starting around the 1 hour 15 minute mark)

Other Comments:
Logan Lerman has a familiar face, but I haven't seen any of his other movies.
Marisa Coughlan was the female love interest in Super Troopers (2002).

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