The Croods (2013)

This movie is about a family of cavemen, The Croods, set in a fictional prehistoric universe.

The Croods are a family of six: Grug (father and head of the family), his wife Ugga, his mother-in-law Gran, and his three children, Eep, Thunks, and Sandy. Among the three children, the eldest daughter is in her teenage years and tires of living in a cave.

One day, she meets a boy named Guy who is smart, has many ideas, and created several inventions. In particular, he knows how to make fire, crucial to his ability to stay outside past sunset.

Eep (voiced by Emma Stone)

Sometime after the two part, the cave is destroyed and the family find themselves in danger. The eldest daughter calls for Guy's help and he comes to their rescue.

Omitting the drama that ensues, The Croods and Guy set out to find a new home and overcome many challenges along the way.

Overall, I loved the quality of the animation, the action sequences, and the story. A cute and exciting movie, I highly recommend this to movie to families, and extend the recommendation to anybody who enjoys watching animations such as Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004), and Madagascar (2005).

Note, however, that some creatures featured in the film, as unrealistic as I may perceive them to be, may be considered too frightening for some kids.

The Croods listen to Guy's story about Tomorrow.
Gran (voiced by Cloris Leachman), Sandy (voiced by Randy Thom),
and Ugga (voiced by Catherine Keener)

Instant Comments:
Haha. "The signal."
Hehe. Breakfast.
Hahaha. "Release the baby!"
"Well, that's alright, I ate last week."
That was an exciting sequence (breakfast)
"Hi, fire."
Ha. "Make it." [...] "Can I have the fire if you're dead?"
Doubles as a belt. Silly.
Hahahaha. "Dun, dun, dun!"

Belt (voiced by Chris Sanders)

"Stay inside the family kill circle."
Haha. Elephant mice.
Oh man, crazy carnivorous birds.
Slick move (pulling her in)
"You know, you're a lot like you're daughter."
Fire babies.
"Hi Guy!"
Hahaha. "Dun, dun, dun!" Funnier than the first time.
"I'll never live long enough to get there." "Let's do it."

Cave painting by Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage).

I really only recognize Emma Stone's voice. I saw that Nicolas Cage was the voice for Grug, but I only slightly recognize it as his voice.
I really like the animation.
"I only share when I'm outside the log."
"The log ride is over."
Hehe. Shoes.
She takes that as a compliment. "You're really heavy." "Really? Thank you!"
Hahaha. "I don't see why the kids need their own shells." (like cellphones)
Hehe. "You dropped these!"
Poor Grug.

Haha. I thought she was gonna say "Why don't you join us when you stop being a ." But she just said "big drag."
"More suns in our sky than you can count."
Hahahaha. His ideas are pretty good.
HAHAHAHAHA. "And... I also thought... it would kill your mother."
Haha. First Grug's acting was pretty good. Then to top it off, "Dun, dun, dun!" Hahahahaha.
That's so sad. It really got a good couple tears in both eyes running.
"Hold this." "I... HAVE... AN IDEA!!!!!"
That's an awesome idea.

Thunk (voiced by Clark Duke) makes a new friend and names his Douglas.

"Douglas? Hey I know that guy!"
"Turns out, I'm a cat person."
Hehe. Snapshot.

Alan Silvestri (same composer that has worked with Robert Zemeckis).
Owl City
A short clip of the elephant mice plays after the credits end.

Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds)

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The Croods (2013) Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders. 98 min

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