Highlander (1986)

Today I saw several films which were expiring on Netflix and I tried to squeeze Highlander in at the end but I couldn't finish it (my instant comments note that I was too sleepy).

Connor MacLeod / Russell Edwin Nash (Christopher Lambert)

*Duplex, Dances with Wolves, and There's No Business Like Show Business

Instant Comments:
Sean Connery!
This movie immediately shows its age: undeniably made in the 80s. [Yep, it was released in 1986.]
Oh my goodness. This first fight scene is terrible. Ridiculous choreography and terrible special effects. Hahahaha. Soooo bad.
Ha. Why is the guy doing so many back handsprings? Does it offer any advantage over walking?
Is it necessary to grunt and make noise while reaching for your sword?
Oh, I forgot to mention the sound effects are terrible.

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery)

"Wise up, smart ass."
This is just ridiculous. Lol.
"I know his name."
The spinning sword trick was pretty cool, but I find it unbelievable that a sword whose blade is composed of two separately attached blades would actually be viable.
"There can only be one."
Oh man, this movie is so cheesy.
My goodness. They've gone mad.
Sean Connery comes in 38 minutes into the film.

Victor Kruger / The Kurgan (Clancy Brown)

"I'm not Spanish, I'm Egyptian."
"You can't drown you fool, you're immortal."
What's Juan's incentive to teach O'Connor?
Juan wields Masamune!
The Kurgan
I see, so Juan gave Kurgan the scar on his neck.
I'm only halfway through the movie, but I'm also sleepy. Darn it.

Watched first half 20140301 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20140301)
Highlander (1986) Russell Mulcahy. 116 min

MacLeod and Brenda J. Wyatt (Roxanne Hart)

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