Frozen (2013)

I think I took notes, and they're in a (physical) notepad somewhere.

I watched Frozen and WALL-E (2008) today while flying home to California from Minnesota.

Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel)


Instant Comments:
3a: This opening clicks so much more having seen the movie.
2: Baby Kristoff and Sven.
3a: "Beware the frozen heart"
2: I didn't realize they were in the beginning.
2: Oh right he witnesses it.
3a: I guess technically the troll could have been more clear on what it means to control power.
2: I see... they sort of take the advice too far in regards to controlling her power.

Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Sven

2: Yeah a bit extreme, but its a story...
2: The mood gets heavy quickly in "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman."
3a: I guess "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" sounds less sad as just a song.
2: Haha, share.
2: Haha, because I knew to look for it: Repunzel and her guy!
2: "I'm awkward, you're gorgeous. Wait, what?" - Anna to Hans lol
3a: I love "Love is an Open Door" but hate story wise that Hans turned out to be...
3a: Ah she makes olaf at the beginning of "Let It Go"

Elsa in her new dress

2: Lol, when she releases her cape, it's devilish. 10:07PM PT
3a: I never thought about how connected to the story is the beginning of the song. And that the timing of certain pauses came with building the structure
3a: While this is fictional, Elsa going rogue is why parents shouldn't overly control their kids.
2: [the rest of my notes are in a file on my laptop] [20170307: I'm assuming the notes which follow are the notes I mentioned]
2: "Big summer blowout"
2: Reveals he's tall and big. "What did you call me?"
2: "We leave now, right now." - Anna

Olaf (Josh Gad)

2: He just ignores what Anna said: "No, I was raised in a castle." [20170307: I realize why, see footnote below.*]
3a: Was going to pause after "Let It Go" and first kept watching to Sven singing "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" and then to the conversation between Anna and Kristoff
2: "Oh yeah? What's his last name?" "...Of-the-Southern-Isles?"
2: "...What if you hate the way he picks his nose?" "Picks his nose?" "And eats it." "Excuse me, sir. He's a prince." "All men do it." hahaha
3a: Haha their conversation. Specifically "of the southern isles"

Kristoff and Anna

3b: Resuming.
2: Oh I get it, "I have friends who are love experts."
2: Haha, "Because I don't trust your judgment."
2: Finally we hear his name "Kristoff" [20170307: Though apparently Anna already knew it, see footnote below.*]
2: Aww... "But I just paid it off."
2: "She'll die on her own" - "Sven"
2: "Turn into a... [stares at puddle] a happy snowman!"

Young Elsa (Eva Bella) and Young Anna (Livvy Stubenrauch)

3b: Hehe "Summer." So much word play, no kid would understand...
2: "I'm gonna tell him." "Don't you dare."
2, 3b: [3b: Hehe] "Oh look at that... I've been impaled."
2: hahahahaha "Catch...." Anna drops off the cliff. "Thanks! It's like a crazy trust exercise."
3b: She must not want to be alone if she built a staircase for strangers...
2: "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" [20211217: this was when he says it to Elsa]
2: "I don't have a thick skull... or bones." - Olaf
3b: Ha, man I'm out of shape. (Hes not arranged correctly)

The ice monster prepares to throw Olaf's head

3b: Hahaha. "I'll distract him while you run" - Olaf to Anna
2: Lol, "Oh, take off your clothes." - troll to Kristoff
2: "I passed a kidney stone." - troll
3b: I dont see why Hans didnt just go with the charade of loving Anna. I suppose then he wouldnt have been able to convince them of having Elsa killed
2, 3b: "Some people are worth melting for..." - Olaf
2: Damn, I didn't remember that part; I thought she would be shattered by the strike.
3b: By saving Elsa she saved herself... I somewhat forgot that

Kristoff and Anna meet in the store

3b: Even Anna's streak of white hair got removed
2: "This is the best day of my life... and quite possibly the last." - Olaf. haha
3b: Oh yeah, the Weselton guy sent out two guys to attack Elsa.
2: Haha, Sven comes out like a car model.

3b: Oh I didn't know the story was based on a Hans Christian Anderson story
3b: I don't like this pop version of "Let It Go"

The castle of Arendelle as transformed by Elsa

3b: Disney+ didn't minimize the credits but the other day iIremember for some movie it did... maybe it depends on if there's a recommendation for another movie. It's likely the credits didn't minimize because of the existence of a post credits scene...
2, 3b: After the credits, the ice monster puts on the crown and loses his spikes. :D
1=20140107, 2=20150830, 3a=20211207, 3b=20211208

*[20170307] Remark: Apparently during the sled scene, Anna first yells out "Christopher" before Kristoff corrects her by yelling "It's Kristoff!" Reddit threads assume he introduced himself to her offscreen. This makes perfect sense! Going back to the start of the scene, Kristoff asked, "So tell me, what made the Queen go all ice-crazy?"


(Remark continued...) That meant they must have already talked about a handful of things offscreen. Prior to that question, I originally wondered why Kristoff wasn't surprised when Anna replied "No, I was raised in a castle." After this new revelation, the answer is because Kristoff already knew she was a princess who lived in a castle and he only sarcastically asked her if she was raised in a barn. Anna, however, took the question literally.

Released 20131127.
Watched 20140107 Theater.
Watched 20150830
Watched first half 20211207, second half 20211208 (Disney+)
Frozen (2013) Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee. 102 min

Kristoff, Anna, and some trolls

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