Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This is a hilarious and great movie.

Peter Bretter (Jason Segel)

Jonah Hill's role in this movie wasn't as great as his role in Superbad (2007). In Superbad, his character was obnoxious, but has a purpose. In this movie, his character isn't as obnoxious, and serves a minor part in the plot.

I enjoyed the film as a whole.

Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis)

[20100619][20130830 Edited]

I started watching this movie today as a screenshot viewing, but the next thing I knew I had seen half of the movie and I couldn't stop watching.

I'm not sure what compelled me to keep watching. In fact, after I had made it halfway, I went ahead and read the entire plot summary on Wikipedia. Despite knowing how the movie would end, I decided to continue watching anyways. I suppose the movie had a good vibe to it.

In any case, I enjoyed watching the movie.

Remark: I remembered nothing about the movie, not even the ending.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Instant Comments:
1: LOL: The way they cut to him with his penis, especially the first time the towel dropped; 2: It was unexpected the first time, because films don't ever show penises.

Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)

1: First person
1: Second person: caliente; 2: "I just came."
1: Third person: hi hi hi gag handcuffs; 2: "kind of now" hahaha.
1: Mila Kunis
1: "I came here to murder you." - LOLOL

Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell)

1: "Looks like where he's going... he'll need to know how to masturbate." haha
2: Cries hysterically after hanging up. Hahaha.
1: Yoga scene was great. 2: No yoga scene.
1: Surf scene haha.
2: Darald Braden goes hysterical.

Peter and Rachel

2: "I wonder if the carpet matches her pubes." Haha. (He butchers the quote.)
2: Haha. Genital herpes.
1: LOLOLOL: Fucking the chess pieces
1: LOL: Head up and down like oral plus pearls
2: Whoa. Snow insults Matthew.
1: LOL: Sex battle

Brian Bretter (Bill Hader)

1, 2: LOL: "Oh... I'm Aldous Snow... bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit... No, no drinks for me thanks. Bullshit bullshit bullshit."
2: Hmm. When we watch him reject Sarah, he seems like the hero. But when he approaches Rachel to tell her what happened, it seemed much worse.
2: "He what? He refused a blow job from his ex-girlfriend mid blow job. Do you know what that's like for a man? It's called blue balls, Rachel. This guy's like Gandhi, but better; he likes puppets. I love puppets. I love Fraggle Rock. I love Lamb Chop. I love Elmo, Sesame Street, Burt and Ernie, Snuffleupagus? Fucks my shit UP."
1: LOLOL: Six Dracula's coming out of the woman
1: Haha: He's naked; 2: Ha. So I read "He's naked" in my instant notes, but didn't know when it would happen. I started to wonder more as the movie came closer and closer to ending. So when the scene came, I was surprised.

Matthew the Waiter (Jonah Hill)

1: I got the feeling the movie ended and instead there's a commercial for "Animal Instinct". LOL: "Life's a bitch." "And where you're going, that's what you'll be."

1: Credits start with main cast.
1: Then credits roll.
1: Jim Henson
1: Jason Segel wrote songs and movie

Aldous teaches Darald (Jack McBrayer) how to have sex.

1: Filmed on location

Special Features:
1: Watched Gag Reel: "hello....( at his wood), LOL the fart sounds with the cereal was great, the whole gag reel altogether as good
1: Watched Line-o-rama: not as good as gag reel but still good.
1=20100617, 2=20180327

Watched 20100617 Unrated Version (DVD)
Watched 20170327 (Netflix, Instant)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Nicholas Stoller. 111 min.

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