Cool Hand Luke (1967)

I really liked this movie. You don't know much about the protagonist's motives, but what you get is his attitude. He never made plans, he was one to live in the moment.

Most of the music was good. I felt some of the ominous or darker music was a little off. I especially liked the banjo, guitar, and harmonica songs.

There were some interesting shots in the film. Such as one shot of the prisoner playing the guitar that gets a close up on his lips. Then as singer licks his lips and raises his chin, the camera pans out to the group. The final shot with the green light turning to red light was also neat.

Though if I think about it, the plot is similar to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


Instant Comments: (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
1: OMG, is this where that comes from? So in Toy Story 3, there's a scene where someone, I think Buzz, reminds the captured toys of the rules. If the rules are disobeyed, then you are sent to the (sand) box. And then someone, I think Jesse, says we get it, the box. So you can imagine when that scene came in Cool Hand Luke, to learn of the reference. It was about 10 minutes in.
1: He gets his name at 37. Cool Hand Luke.
1: Watching the bet to eat 50 eggs in an hour was suspenseful. At the end of the scene, he's sprawled out with his hands open and his feet crossed, lying on the table. I found that interesting.
1: Watching prisoners one by one take a scoop of Luke's extra full plate of food, rice I guess, was oddly an extremely emotional scene. Perhaps its a result of watching Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid. This scene was about 1 hr 35 minutes in.

About a minute long. Just lists actors on two screens.

Watched 20100621 (Netflix, Instant)
Cool Hand Luke (1967) Stuart Rosenberg. 126 min.

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