Merlin Season 3

Morgana (Katie McGrath) (S3E02)

1: "Describe 'dollop-head.'" "In two words?" "Yes." "Prince Arthur."
1: They spend all this time finding her when she's essentially an enemy.
1: She apologizes to Merlin and says all this stuff but I don't believe it. Let's see how long the charade lasts.
1: The above was at 10 and she gives the look of deceit at about 13 as she walks away from Uther.
1: Wow. The guard is still alive.
1: Hmm. Is she gonna get away with killing the guard? Is it worth placing a false lead into the plot like this? Well I guess if the guard spilled the beans it would have been too simple.

Merlin (Colin Morgan) (S3E02)

1: How many times do they have to show her with a sinister look. It's getting a little tiresome.
1: I think the manner in which she reached under to grab the mandrake seems unnatural.
1: The number of times Merlin has followed Morgana without being caught...
1: Ha. My previous comment is appropriate. "Do you really think I'd be so stupid, Merlin?"]
1: Nice end to the episode.

1: Moral of the story, don't keep skeletons within the walls of the castle.
1: Morgana beat Merlin to the punch. (Merlin wants to inform Arthur of Morgana)

Arthur (Bradley James) (S3E13)


1: As Arthur says, his father is stubborn. Overall, Uther is a great foil to Arthur.
1: It seems being not noble has its perks (Arthur and Merlin watch Gwen and Gwaine interact at the end).

Gaius (Richard Wilson)

1: Hmm everything is happening even with Merlin's interruption... so he must see the events in order for them to happen. it's fate at it's best. I guess the strange part is that one sorcerer was said by Gaius to likely have died 300 years ago and yet he was the one who cured Arthur.

1: Haha. That weird hug to the chest. "See you soon I expect."
1: "Our little secret." (frog)
1: Oh wow. He defeated the Sidhe.
1: Didn't expect him to obliterate the pixie.

Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head) (S3E01)

1: It's super annoying how every other shot of Morgana is her making a sinister smirk. (~10 minute mark) [So I did a Google search: "drink when you see morgana smirk" and it was the eighth and last item on a Reddit post titled "Merlin drinking game!" In a separate post a user commented the following: "I've said it before, make her 'Your time will come' smile a drinking game and nobody is standing up after 2 or 3 episodes." Finally, a Reddit post that resonated the same annoyance as mine asking in the title "Anyone else get really annoyed when Morgana does her little 'I am so eveeeel muahaha' smirk?"]
1: Merlin shows his backbone against Morgana.

The Dragon (John Hurt)

1: I noticed during the start of this episode (actually I might have previously seen it as well) that the subtitles spells "Guinevere" as "Gwenhwyfer." [German Wikipedia page for Guinevere says (translated) "The name became known through the Arthurian legend. [It] appears in Welsh in the form of Gwynhwyfer or Gwenhwyfar."]
1: maybe Gwen suspects from mirror.
1: the bridge keeper interesting interaction with Arthur.
1: Gwen spies on Morgana.
1: If Arthur paid head to the bridge keeper he might deduce Arthur as magic since Gwaine is strength.
1: hahaha "It sounded like three pheasants..."
1: wyverns.
1: he wants to die so give him the bracelet. [soon after the Fisher King asks for it but Arthur has forgotten]
1: water from the Lake of Avalon.

Gwen (Angel Coulby) (S3:E10)

1: I was thinking it and in the next scene Arthur points out how Uther was willing to use magic to save Morgana but otherwise condemns it.
1: Wow. What a scary creature.
1: The librarian says it's a Manticore.
1: Gaius is upset, however, he directly ignored Merlin. [Merlin later apologizes and Gaius says he understands]
1: I'm surprised the Manticore couldn't poke Merlin with his stinger.
1: Neat we got to see Gaius use magic.

1: hehe. "You know Merlin you couldn't keep a secret if your life depended on it."
1: How long for Merlin to figure out it was morgana and how will this resolve...
1: Even though it was Morgana who spilled the beans, it does not undo the revelation.
1: OMG Morgana steps it up a notch and frames Gwen for sorcery.
1: For someone who previously showed compassion for Gwen, Morgana doesn't even pretend to care now.
1: So my previous comment - Gwen tells Merlin she saw Morgana smile (ha, her constant smirking finally caught up with her!)
1: I suppose saying that Arthur falling in love with a lowly servant girl bringing shame to Camelot doesnt help the cause but it is believable.
1: smile: Merlin goes off on Uther and a little on Arthur.
1: Morgana fails to keep up appearances but only in front of Gaius who already knows, not that she knows.
1: hahaha spend a day at the tavern (one of the drinking game items).
1: Merlin didn't mean to get caught but I feel as though getting caught was the best way to clear Gwen's name.

1: How did people witness the blowback as not magic?
1: Tough spot going against his father.
1: So he almost was planning to win but decided to let his dad win. I wonder how his dad feels about that. It's direct contrast to the episode where Arthur wants to prove he's not given any special treatment.
1: smile: the problem is that you wish to talk but don't wish to listen (but the interesting thing about fate is that Merlin not listening would be the way it's meant to be...)
1: Uther isn't even close to Arthur's logic...
1: Why would you underestimate someone who made it to the final
1: oh shit, his father knew! (the show has some moments like this where they help out Uther to be less unlikable...)
Morgause (Emilia Fox)

1: As always, Uther thinks he's making the right decision, Merlin makes proper advice to Arthur, and they pay for it (immortal army). Of course, the assumption is that somehow it will be corrected.
1: Gaius says there must be a traitor in our mists and then it cuts to Morgana smirking. Due to the position of the characters, she must have been smirking within Gaius's line of sight.
1: Here Gwen is talking with Morgana and Morgana smirks right at her.
1: Despite the eventual correction of the error, they are witnessing a great loss (many men have died; "they never stood a chance")
1: "How much longer can he keep going like this?" (perhaps in this episode or the next episode Merlin will use what the Fisher King gave him)
1: Ah yes. Arthur grabs the water.
1: "Merlin you should go with them." "Nah, I've seen the woods already."
1: @"You have no use to the thrown." (Maybe Arthur can pour the water into the Cup of Life.)

1: Why would they need Sir Leon and the other nights when they have an immortal army?
1: Hmm. That's extreme. The knights refuse. And then she fires at the people.
1: Ouch. "You can can not begin to know how much I hate you."
1: Oh Morgana says the reason she needs the knights so the people will follow here.
1: Who is Freya?
1: "I am not a horse."
1: I wonder if Gwen would assume she's being followed. (They are in the forest and Sir Leon is removing his woman clothes.)
1: I mean... they were already willing to die by arrow, will it really make a difference to kill the knights one by one?
1: Haha. "Merlin." "No, I don't really fancy it." "You don't have a choice." "Okay."
1: Oh shit!!! Gaius comes to the rest you. Morgause says, "I have a feeling I won't be seeing you again." Gauis appears and says, "No, you won't."
1: I wonder if slashing the cup with the sword was necessary?
1: Oh, stop crying...
1: Jeez. That screeching.

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