Merlin Season 1

Merlin (Colin Morgan)

1: Huh, I don't remember this first episode (with Merlin meeting Gaius)
1: Morgana
1: I like this initial meeting between Arthur and Merlin.
1: "How long you been training to be a prat?" "You can't address me like that." "Sorry, how long you been training to be a prat, my Lord?"
1: Lol. He moves stuff in his sleep.
1: "Mmm-mmm." "Mmm-mmm." "I'm here."

Arthur (Bradley James)

1: It's a minor, subtle moment, but Arthur showed he truly believed in Merlin.
1: Vulnerability
1: Oh I get it. Earlier in the episode, Arthur foreshadowed this by saying something like "I hope for your sake you learn quickly."
1: With that being said, just cause he cast it successfully once, technically his success rate shouldn't suddenly skyrocket.
*[20170302] I might have seen this episode before.

Gaius (Richard Wilson)

1: Oh Merlin...
1: "There's no way Merlin is a sorcerer!" Poor kid.
1: "Maybe I should go around wearing a pointy hat."
1: Hahaha. Close one. He almost spilled the beans on himself.
1: True: "One day people won't believe what an idiot you were." Haha
*[20170302] I might have seen this episode before.

Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head)

1: Either Merlin is powerful, or his connection with Arthur is powerful, or maybe a mix of both.

1: Lancelot. (less exciting cause they mention him in the preview at the end of the previous episode)
1: Haha, he didn't have to yell super hard for his spell to work. Merlin > Harry Potter.
1: Lancelot would be the first to know Merlin's secret outside of Gaius. I suppose that's part of why the writers had him leave.
1: I see...

Merlin and The Dragon (John Hurt)

1: Man, this guy is dangerous.
1: Gaius has met the dragon before!
1: "No, it is my jailer who is in danger."
1: What a mysterious dragon. What is his role? Destiny is a strange concept.
*[20170302] This is probably the first time I saw this episode.

Merlin and Gwen (Angel Coulby)

1: "If this was a time of war I'd have you flogged." "And since it isn't we could let this one go?"
1: Lol. Watch out for girls who quickly change their temperament.
1: Haha, she'll take immortality over mortality with her father.
1: Lol, the comedy of their relationship (Arthur and Merlin)
1: "Have you some kind of mental affliction?" [...] "Food shortage"
*[20170302] I probably haven't seen this episode before

Morgana (Katie McGrath)

1: Asa Butterfield! (e.g., Hugo, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)
1: I don't know enough about the stories to know who this druid boy grows up to be
1: "My name is Mordred"
*I definitely haven't seen this episode before.

1: I don't remember if that was covered before or not (Arthur's birth was a result of magic)
1: Ah. And so that's the sword as we see it in the opening credits. [Apparently some stories involve a ruler named Lady of the Lke who gives King Arthur his sword Excalibur.]
*I definitely haven't seen this episode before.

Nimueh (Michelle Ryan)

1: Aww. What a sad episode.
1: "You're like two sides of the same coin." (He says he heard someone say before, who?)
*I definitely haven't seen this episode before.

1: Oh no! A unicorn! ;_;
1: Must be a test. (the guy stealing)
1: Another test.
1: From what I heard. Just pour out the goblet and drink from the ocean?

Modred (Asa Butterfield)

1: Oh Morgana... what have you done? (got Gwen's father killed)
1: Making more trouble.
1: Oh my goodness. Merlin brings a staff. What risk to himself to save the king from murder.

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