Merlin Season 2

[Part of TV Series: Merlin]
1: Poor Merlin
1: Haha, Arthur and Guinevere
1: Awesome dragon.
A: Due to Morgana's vision in the end of the last season, I wanted to see if their next meeting would address it. The Great Dragon makes Merlin promise to one day free him.
1: Gaius is pretty cool.
1: Nice show.
1=200911XX (Moleskine), A=20231009 (Amazon Prime; looking for meeting between Merlin and The Great Dragon)

Arthur (Bradley James) (S2E02)

1: Oh, they need someone to enter and then Arthur can switch.
A: Hehe. He took the bed. To be fair he probably didn't know she doesn't have a second bed for herself.
1: Love the diatribe by Merlin @18
A: Gwen really tells Arthur off.
1: Kiss after 31.
1: In previews: that's right...
1=200911XX (Moleskine), A=20191209 (screenshot viewing)

1: @34: "Hello Emrys"
1: What a bad turn of events.
1: Merlin-Morgana here is like Clark-Lex [20191209: I wonder if I specifically mean the Smallville iteration].
1=200911XX (Moleskine)

Merlin (Colin Morgan) (S2E02)

1: @20: Haha, the berries. "Perhaps you prefer to be eaten alive. "Oh... pass me some more will you?"
1: Lol @24 [20191209: Probably Arthur's quip about the berries working.]
1: Merlin still did pretty well scaling the tower.
1: Oh... Lancelot knows about Merlin.
1: Poor Arthur.
1: Awkward moment.
1: Hand to Merlin to Arthur to Lancelot to Gwen @37
1=20091106 (Moleskine)

Gaius (Richard Wilson) (S2E02)

S2:E05 - Beauty and the Beast - Part 1
1: Disgusting, yet interesting character. "Lady Catrina." The troll.
1: Yet another episode which plays on Uther Pendragon's stupidity and/or ignorance of magic.
1: "How could he resist such beauty?"
1: @27
1: But I should mention, Uther's stupidity does not trump the actor's ability to be a good character (in contrast, a character like Kate in Lost is flawed while also being annoying)
1: Lol @39, like in Harry Potter, everything is more powerful by saying the spell louder.
1=200911XX (Moleskine)

Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head)

S2:E06 - Beauty and the Beast - Part 2
1: At difficult times, Arthur shows his good side.
1: Lol "fresh from the stable."
1: Gross.
1: Merlin hiding in the barrel.
1: Her weakness is the cleanliness.
1: Lol fun @24
1: Haha. Uther smiles.
1: @36: "I suppose it is important."

The Dragon (John Hurt) (S2E03)

1: "Poison"
1: Half an hour.
1: I wonder what sort of time was used during the medieval times.
1: Oy... trouble.
1: Lol @42: pat on the back.
1: Merlin says, "I thought you were going for a hug." Arthur replies, "Noo..." Lol. I rewatched this scene about five times.
1: I love the music in the background.
1=200911XX (Moleskine)

Gwen (Angel Coulby) (S2E02)

1: Silly Merlin. Lol. I love the actor's/character's humor in the show.
1: Again Uther.
1: Gwen asks Arthur to step up.
1: Gaius confronts Uther at the end. Likely as a measure to protect Arthur. And perhaps, in part, for Morgana
1=20091112 (Moleskine)

1: Oh wow, that explains so much about Uther Pendragon.
1: So Morgause and Morgana...
1: Ygraine...
1: Poor Arthur.
1: Merlin does what's hard...
1=20091126 (Moleskine)

Morgana (Katie McGrath)

S2:E09 - The Lady of the Lake
1: I love the comedy between Merlin and Arthur
1: Yeah that sucks. It wasn't her fault for doing what she did.
1: Yet she was cursed.
1: Dramatic love story.
1: "Was it when I threw water at you?"
1: Lol, fat.
Arthur: Something's been upsetting you, hasn't it.
Merlin: Maybe.
Arthur: Was it when I threw water at you?
Merlin: Wasn't very nice.
Arthur: It was a bit unfair... Like when you called me "fat".
Merlin: Why was that unfair?
Arthur: Cause I am not!
1=20091128 (Moleskine)

1: The confusion between Gwen and Arthur (well-received)
1=20191209 AM

Mordred (Asa Butterfield)

1: Right... apologize for being intruded on.
1: Nice of Arthur to cover for Merlin
1: I don't remember if Merlin knows Morgana has magic.
1=20191209 AM

S2E:12 - The Fires of Idirsholas
1: I'm glad Arthur has the brains to ask that question: "Morgana, I don't understand, why are you the only one awake."
1: Haha. "Waking" Gaius.
1: "He's the King!" "Alright, two pillows."
1: Ha. Is the dragon going to be asleep? [He was sleeping, but only of his own will.]

Morgause (Emilia Fox)

1: Who is this character? [Morgause. She is Morgana's half sister. According to the Wiki, prior to this episode she was in S2:E08 (her first appearance).]
1: "There's something I have to do." Will he finally free the dragon?
1: "Before I do this, you promise me... that you will not harm Camelot." "I think there have been enough bargains, don't you?" That's true. Merlin already made a promise and finally swearing on his mother's life he would free the dragon. He has no right to ask for more. Furthermore, the dragon is technically in the right to harm Camelot in the sense that Merlin has saved Camelot a countless number of times through his advice. 1=20191209, A=20231009 (Amazon Prime; watched the last five or so minutes before watching the next episode)

S2E:13 - The Last Dragonlord
1: Oh wow. Gaius reveals Balinor is Arthur's father. But Gaius warns that since Balinor is a dragonlord, that Arthur must not leek this connection as that would cause suspicion.
1: "The Great Dragon is attacking Camelot." "His name is Kilgharrah."
1: "You're the last dragonlord now. You alone carry the ancient gift. Deep within yourself... you must find the voice that you and Kilgharrah share, for your soul and his are brothers. When you speak to him as kin, he must obey your will."
1: "Young warlock. What you have shown is what you will be. I will not forget your clemency. I'm sure our paths will cross again."

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