Matilda (1996)

Today I watched the first half of this movie with my son. Mara Wilson thus far does a great job in the role of Matilda.

Instant Comments:
1a: Danny DeVito narrating [apparently he's also the director]
1a: hehe the mom woke up but luckily for Matilda she's wearing a mask
1a: television explodes
1a: hehe detention
1a: "grow up quicker"
1a: "good lift" "excellent release"
1a: 4927
1a: yikes that cake is practically the same size as him
1a: hehe. Matilda knows they're cops already, she tells her father, and her father chooses to diasgree
1a: HA! "Why are all these women married?" ("Mrs." instead of "Ms."; I believe the answer would be the cadence is better with "Mrs.")
1a: Same speech as her father gave her ("I'm right and you're wrong, I'm big and you're small, and there's nothing you can do about it.")
1a: Pause after Miss Honey invites Matilda over to her place

1b: she must be talking about herself, but what about Trunchbull
1b: I guess the aunt killed the dad... but why?
1b: oh it is revealed that the aunt was Ms. Trunchbull
1b: lol she lifts the car and pivots it around
1b: huh why run upstairs?
1b: haha "wait til she leaves then we'll get your doll again" [...] "just kidding"
1b: hehe she kept her promise and didn't go inside
1b: she openly admits to breaking Miss Honey's arm before (though I guess that's not cruel to her standards who she threw a girl)
1b: music by David Newman
1b: various twins played very young Matilda [one set for 9 months Matilda and one set for toddler Matilda], with two sets of twins for newborn Matilda [apparently uncredited is a set of twins for baby Matilda in the very opening scene]

Watched first half 20231110, second half 20231118 (Netflix, Instant) (Last day to watch 20231130)
Matilda (1996) Danny DeVito. 102 min

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