Dune (2021)

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1a: Zendaya
1a: while he concentrates to use the voice, the movie moves around the room to various objects... I thought it was artistically pleasing way to create tension
1a: haha. "I see you put on some muscle" "I did?" "No"
1a: they pronounce it here like HAR-koe-nens but in the 1984 Dune it sounded more like har-CONE-nens
1a: that fight had the same feel as 1984 Dune just with better graphics and better explanation on slow blades.
1a: I like 1984 version of this scene more as Paul thinks about his training; here the scene cuts back and forth between him and his mother praying which is a bit jarring to me
1a: the Reverand Mother that just visited sounds much more aggressive here than the one in the 1984 Dune.
1a: these dragonfly-looking ships look cool
1a: this wormsign detection turned rescue is executed here in much clearer fashion than what I perceived in the 1984 version; but to be fair, the 1984 version has clued me into the various story components of Dune
1a: paused about halfway into movie, Paul tells his mom he knows she's pregnant

1b: [intense fight between Paul and Jamis; Paul didn't want to make the kill and repeatedly showed he had the skill to outmatch Jamis]
1a=20231104, 1b=20231105

Watched first half 20231104, second half 20231105 (Netflix)
Dune (2021) Denis Villeneuve. 155 min

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