Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map (2014)

This special is different from many comedy specials in that it combines bits and pieces from many shows being done across the world. There are also scenes related to the travel itself which intermingle with the snippets from the various shows. As such, the special at times seems more broken, but overall there were some good laughs and it was fun to learn various facts (and stereotypes) in the form of jokes.

Instant Comments:
Smile. Justin Bieber
IKEAll you (Achmed's catchphrase is "I kill you")
Smile. Biggest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
Smile. "I was the very first guy to get into her chim-chim cheree"
Smile. Kinky shit (references "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious")
"Write what you know."
Chuckle. "Do you pick it up or pull it down."
Hehe. Interesting how she more or less treated Achmed as alive... or at least her reaction was to cross her arms at the verbal comment.
Smile. "I was like. We have that you dumbass."
Hahaha. "But Sir, I was at a puppet show."
Clever solution to the problem.
Jacque Merde.
Smile. "You don't know Jack Shit."
Hehe. "Je te tue."
"Silence. Je te tue."
Oh no. He let the name slip.

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Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map (2014) Rob Dipple. 83 min

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