Storks (2016)

Instant Comments:
Power move.
Always be distant and weird.
"'Orphan' hurts my heart"

Huh. He kind of went through with it but I guess it doesn't count cause he mumbled?
Hehe. Good little bit ending with group hug.
Hehe. No game last night.
"You'll blink and I'll be in college"
HA He built a little quadcopter.
Whoa. The wolves formed a bridge.
HAHA! Wolf boat.
What!?! Submarine. [hehe they lift up for air]
HAHAHAHA. Wolf plane

Montage of their family building the stork welcome. I'm curious if by some wild circumstance, she is their older sister
Hmm. But these would be babies people asked for a long time ago...
How did that even structurally hold up...
Hehe. A million babies with the same birthday.
Major tearjerker when he plugs in the lights and a huge beam lights up the sky.
Smile. "I ordered a brother."
Hehe. When she reunited with her family, it was nice that they were welcoming, but the follow-up tearjerk was when Tulip called Junior in for the hug

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