The Boxtrolls (2014)

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"evil is afoot" interpreted by one as "evil is a foot" even as one of then other henchmen tries to explain
they just have their friends / community members be taken and just move on without any mourning
I fell asleep around when Fish was taken
I woke and Winnie is with the group. she's talking with Eggs about fathers. oh wait before that he was telling her the backstory of what actually happened
so clearly they escaped but where did they escape to?
hehe Eggs looking for Fish (a callback to Fish looking for Eggs)
the one henchmen [Mr. Pickles] ponders about a philosophical thought [with Mr. Trout] which is a segue into us the viewers seeing the animator animate the scene.
and the two converse about free will and such and poke fun at how tedious it would be []

Watched 20231124 (Netflix, Instant)
The Boxtroll (2014) Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi. 96 min

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