The Punisher (2004)

Today I saw this movie. At first, prior to watching the movie, I thought i saw it before. However, I figured that I was thinking of Daredevil (2003).

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 99% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
Huh. Seems kind of sloppy.
Oh... undercover. But he mentions no one was supposed to die... so... what happened?
This doesn't look and feel like a movie from 2004. It looks and feels more like it's from the 90s.
Hmm... with John Travolta involved... (visits his son at the morgue) he'll probably find Frank and kill his family
While I thought "his family," as in wife and kid, as a kind of trade for his son. But "whole family" seems a bit much.
Why run to the Jeep. Why not just stay where they are?
I guess it makes for a cool chase scene... but I'm thinking 50/50 they make it out alive, since if they live... why would he become the Punisher? Where did he get shot that he's still alive?
"God's gonna sit this one out."
Where'd he get all these weapons?
"You're supposed to be dead." [I had trouble figuring out where I know this actor. His name is Eddie Jemison and I know him from Ocean's Eleven where he plays Livingston Dell.]
Hahahaha. Sears the steak and pokes him with a popsicle stick.
Hehe. He announces he's alive. Removes his element of surprised.
Hehe. "He already fucked my life up." I guess that's the bad thing about killing someone's entire family and then failing to kill the person. The person has nothing to lose. And in the rare case the person is skilled...
Uh. They should have fired as he was putting down the case. What would have been cooler is if as he was putting down the case, they tried to fire, and then he still drew his guns and shot them.
Interesting conversation between Joan and Castle. She spotted his whiskey bottle and tries to give him some advice about memories.
Hmm... what would the problem be if Howard Saint knew Glass was a homosexual?
Huh. While apparently Frank was only using the information about Glass being homosexual to frame him, it still isn't clear to me why it'd have been a problem if Saint knew, which is why Glass decided to come in the first place
I'm thinking. there's a gun hidden in the guitar.
Interesting confrontation. (Harry Heck)
Holy moly, the steel covers
Hehe. "You are one dumb son of a bitch. Bringing a knife to a gun fight."
How did they manage to find and kill Frank before and not now? Well... if Harry Heck was able to track Frank down... Not sure Why it's so hard to kill Frank at this point.
Why doesn't he ever check the peep hole.
Glad to see him make use of that bomb and door close. But funny to see how it didn't work out
Hehe. The gun from the tray.
Lucky break with the boiling water.
"I'm fine." "He's not." He falls down.
Oh man... I don't know if I can watch this... Glass is alluding to pulling out a piercing. Perhaps the one at the eye... yikes.
I watch with one hand covering the screen. The actual pull is done offscreen... but... I don't know... I think one hand covering the screen was the way to go
"If they knew they would have talked. They must not have known."
Hehe. Thought about retrieving the gun and opted for the cleaver of the paper cutter.
"Because you're one of us. You're family." (not quite a tearjerker, but kind of like a wince)
"What makes you different from them." "They have something to lose."
Hmm. While Frank is trying to frame Glass, why would Howard drive to Glass's house among the various possible actions to take?
Ridiculous. Glass is asking for an explanation and Saint is just too tunnel-minded to say anything.
Hmm... would it have been possible to hide between the rails? Perhaps she was immobilized from the fall, but she seemed to move her limbs just fine [The answer is "no." See this article: Is it possible to survive lying down between railroad traicks under a passing train?]
"50000 a piece and 50000 more to the man who kills him." That seems like good deal to just take 50000 and not do anything.
I was wondering about his use of a bow. [The main advantage, provided one is skilled with bows and don't need range, is that bows are quiet. And it seems he is skilled with the bow, and absolutely making use of how quiet it is in close quarters]
He got shot so many times. But luckily just in his vest!?!
Jeez. Knife up the jaw.
Hehe. Takes off the vest. But that has the Punisher logo.
"Made you kill your best friend. Made you kill your wife. And now I've killed you."
Well that's a way to die...
Ah... wow. Skull logo from the expoded cars. Seems... not actually possible from cars lined up in a grid... At least not the way it's shown. It should look more boxy.
"Which section?" "Obituaries."

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