The Batman (2022)

I don't know. I found this movie's portrayal of Batman too strange. Batman seemed to have a weak mind, didn't seem frightening, and lacked a display of being wealthy (the only "cool" gadget worth mentioning was the contact lens which Selina wore).

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 95% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs down.

Rating: 2.4/5

Instant Comments:
Watching this group fight... I realized how my knowledge that a one versus many group fight is nearly impossible ruined the scene for me... often times there's a suspension of disbelief in place, but I think because I was not fully focused on the film that there was no suspension of disbelief in place
So far the movie is slow paced. also I don't so much like the look and sound of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman but I like the more crime aspect of the movie (leaning into Batman as a crime detective) (Batman just gave Penguin a visit)
I guess the thing is Robert Pattinson has a skinner face compared to what I think of Batman as someone with a broader face
Batman trying to get Seline to cooperate seemed more like Batman thus far, but I still can't quite get past how he looks
In this scene with Alfred and Bruce... I guess another item I thought about earlier but reminded to note here is the lack of business playboy look of Bruce Wayne; even here he's dressed up
"reclusive" huh. doesn't seem quite so Bruce Wayne
hehe. he could probably have gone softer on that punch. poor Jim.
whoa. That's neat. A glider. hmm. interesting choice to have the mishap as opposed to a cool graceful landing
"You could have at least pulled that punch, man." "I did."
"What? Do you live in a cave?"
This news release explains what Carmine was referring to earlier with why Thomas Wayne helped him (when Bruce thought it was because of the Hippocratic Oath)
Hmm. Lame. This isn't the first time Batman got lucky with someone else cluing him in (the murder weapon for carpets; previously it was "El" instead of "La" [I must not have been paying attention, cause I didn't recall how that resolved. the internet explained that "you're el" is a clue for "U R L" which Batman uses to go to the website "" to get the next clue])
Uh. How do these rifleman miss. Just take a moment to take aim and lead on where Batman will be.
Surely the Riddler provided the clue to his own plan failing... why would he be surprised or upset tha Batman figured it out?
Post credits have a typed message from the Riddler asking "goodbye?" followed by the link to "rataalada" [going to this website has a graphic saying the domain has been seized by Gotham City Police Department]

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