The Last Emperor (1987)

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The Last Emperor (1987) Bernado Bertolucci. 163 min

Pu Yi (3 years) becomes the Emperor of China.

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Pu Yi is given a cricket.

One thing I really enjoyed about this movie was the music.

However, unfamiliar with the history, I found myself confused by the middle portion of the plot.

Pu Yi  (8 years) prepares to suckle the breast of Ar Mo, his wet nurse.

As such, I only finished the movie with the big picture in mind: a child was raised to be a self-centered jerk but is ultimately freed of this life and finds peace within himself.

Of course, even without full understanding the plot from beginning to end, the movie portrays many interesting details in the emperor's life.

At left is Reginald 'R.J.' Johnston (Peter O'Toole)
who is hired to be Pu Yi's teacher.

Overall, The Last Emperor is a biopic that I think deserves being watched at least once (apparently the film won nine Oscars at the 60th Academy Awards).


Instant Comments:
That's a lot of war criminals...
What a life to live.

Wan Jung (Joan Chen)

Oh wow, that's intense. (sniffing the Emperor's poop)
Hehe. He stands up naked out of the bath.
Oh. He simply wanted to cut himself to death.
That nipple suckling.

Pu Yi (adult) (John Lone)

"You are not the Emperor!"
Drink the ink.
The President of the Republic
"But she is not my wet nurse. She is my butterfly."

Pu Yi during his days as a playboy.

Dang. Killing that mouse... brutal.
"And you are a cruel, old, ignorant man."
Oh wow. People there watching/assisting in the lovemaking.

Pu Yi (15 years) and Wan Jung

Haha. Free sexual encounter averted.
Oh snaps. "Can I stay with you as well?"
"I used to play a game with the Eunichs. Trying to guess who is who."

Oh man. The empress spitting in everybody's face... and all drugged up.
Missed details here and there and constantly felt confused.
Magical ending.

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