John Wick (2014)

I knew nothing about the movie, except that multiple sequels were released, it's an action movie, and it stars Keanu Reeves. However, I decided to jump on the opportunity to watch the first film as recently the first three films were added to Netflix.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 99% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.
Instant Comments:
That's quite an opening.
"It's days like today scattered among the rest."
Why aren't dogs supposed to sleep on the bed? [Apparently there are reasons]
What? No seat belt?
Hehe. I thought he was gonna drive between two of the cars.
Hehe. He doesn't even clean up or change his clothes before taking a bus. Just casually walking around with a bloody face and bloody t-shirt
Smile. Wow. What a great conversation.
Viggo: I heard you struck my son
Aurelio: Yes sir, I did.
Viggo: And may I ask why?
Aurelio: Yeah. Well, because he stole John Wick's car, sir. And, uh, killed his dog.
Viggo: Oh.
Hehe. "With a pencil"
Hmm. He told his son that there was nothing to do, but he still will give send a force out to kill John. I'm curious as to why...
I like this choreography. It has a rhythm to it, which I guess that's something to say about the music. I also like the lighting. It wasn't completely dark
Hehe doorbell rings
Hehe "I'll leave you be then" (is the comment made after seeing the body on the floor)
Ah. "Dinner reservation for twelve" meant the number of bodies to be disposed
Huh. Why wouldn't Marcus bargain for a higher private payout... I feel like Viggo wouldn't have approached him other than for a particular skillset
Huh. What song is this? ("Break your heart... in the dark") [It's called "Think" by Kaleida]
Hehe. Most of these security persons don't seem to be carrying guns. And the ones that are carrying guns don't seem to be holding them in a ready to fire position - unlike Wick which is firing on sight. Though I guess Wick is able to identify them easily and not the other way around.
Hahaha. The doctor is straightforward. Gives him pills to take if he still has business to attend to, says his stitches will tear, he'll bleed, but he'll have full function...
"Do you need anything for the pain?" "No I got that covered."
I noticed that John is wearing his watch with the face on the inside
I had read the Wikipedia page for the film. The Wikipedia page says that Marcus "fires a warning shot to alert John." But it didn't look like a warning shot. With that being said, he could have fired already and didn't... so perhaps. [Watching the scene over, the crosshair is on John, but the scene cuts to Marcus, and then cuts back to John when the bullet hits the pillow; this implies there was in fact enough time to focus and Marcus as a hired hitman surely wouldn't have missed][Going to Reddit, apparently there's some foreshadowing earlier with respect to Marcus]
Hehe. "Viggo will kill me" (well better later than sooner)
Hehe. Apparently later came quite soon
Holy shit. She broke rules more than once. No honor among hitmen.
Hehe. The way to hurt John Wick... by hitting him with a car.
I like how quick John made that. That Iosef did not get time to finish his sentence. Though enough to understand what he was trying to say.
Hmm... Viggo has his life... and now he has the balls to torture Marcus
The same song that played earlier as foreshadowing plays here now
Hehe. Killed from four sides (cool but in reality seems risky... what if a bullet went straight through)
Hehe. It seems Viggo knows he's gonna die by Wick's hand... (as he's laughing the car)
Hehe. Viggo rams John's car with the car... kind of following up on the only way to take down John earlier...
He threw away the gun, but he should still have a knife at his leg just in case...
Hehe. "Do I look civilized to you?"
Hehe. Takes the stab! Is there such a thing as a safe place to stab yourself?
Huh. I didn't think about what stitches actually do... as he just kind of throws a couple of staples at his reopened wound. [I watched the scene again, he did pinch it shut with the other hand][Apparently this: "Without stitches, wound healing can take 3 weeks or more. And the risk of infection continues the longer the wound takes to heal. More bleeding: Deep wounds can continue bleeding without stitches. Stitches bring the edges of the wound together and add pressure, which helps the clotting process."]

Watched 20240112 (Netflix, Instant)
John Wick (2014) Chad Stahelski, David Leitch (uncredited). 101 min

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