Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Today I watched the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood together with Ada. It started much differently than Fullmetal Alchemist.

As of 20180315, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match.

Today I decided to start this series. Although I have previously watched the first episode, I went ahead and watched it again.

Today I watched episodes 7 through 10. Ada joined me in watching episodes 9 and 10.

Ada and I continue to watch the series.

20191024 Comment:
Since Ada joined me at Part 1 Episode 9, I only ever continue watching the series together with her. Also, I haven't been indicating it, but I usually watch with English subtitles (which I presume are the original subtitles for the Japanese audio, because they don't match the English audio).

Ada expresses interest in finishing the series, but despite the story coming close to an end with respect to time, there's a lot of story that needs to unfold. In fact, we still need to watch about ten more episodes until we get to the end.

The penultimate episode was quite a finish.
We finished the series!
[L] = tablet, [R] = laptop [P], PC [C] or TV [V]
20180314: English audio. Part 1 Episode 1.
20191012: English audio. Part 1 Episodes 1-6 [R]
20191013: English audio. Part 1 Episodes 7-10 [R]
20191014: English audio. Part 1 Episodes 11-13 (11 [R] in the afternoon, 12-13 [L] in the evening)
20191015: English audio. Part 2 Episodes 1-10 (1 [L], 2 [R][V], 3 [L] + [R][C], 4-10 [R][V])
20191021: English audio. Part 2 Episode 11 ([L])
20191022 Pt 1: English audio. Part 2 Episode 12-13 (12 [L], 13 [R][V]) 20191022 Pt 2: English audio. Part 3 Episodes 1-5 [R][V]
20191025: English audio. Part 3 Episodes 6-7 [L]
20191026: English audio. Part 3 Episode 8-11. (8 [L], 9-11 [R][V])
20191030 Pt 1: English audio. Part 3 Episodes 12-13 [R][P]
20191030 Pt 2: English audio. Part 4 Episodes 1-2 [R][P]
20191031: English audio. Part 4 Episode 3 [R][P]
20191101: English audio. Part 4 Episode 4 [R][P]
20191108: English audio. Part 4 Episode 5 [L]
20191109: English audio. Part 4 Episode 6 [L]
20191112: English audio. Part 4 Episodes 7-10 [L]
20191116: English audio. Part 4 Episode 11 [L]
20191117: English audio. Part 4 Episodes 12-13 [L]
20191118: English audio. Part 5 Episodes 1-4 [L]
20191119: English audio. Part 5 Episodes 5-7 [R][V]
20191120: English audio. Part 5 Episodes 8-11 [R]
20191121: English audio. Part 5 Episode 12 [L]

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Part 1 Episode 1.
They overdo the joke on mixing up Edward and Alphonse (i.e., thinking Al is the Fullmetal Alchemist and that he's the older brother because he's taller).
It is shown that Armstrong already knows the Elric brothers (and earlier it is shown that Maes Hughes just met them).
Lust and Gluttony.

Part 1 Episode 2.
"You shouldn't cry for love ones when they pass away, because when you do it makes them sad in the next life too."
I recall in the first series they didn't show Edward's vision/experience until later.

Part 1 Episode 3.
There are many similarities between this episode and the corresponding episode in Fullmetal Alchemist. So much so that I get confused on whether or not I've already seen this episode or if I'm watching the right series. With that being said, Cornello was drawn differently.

Part 1 Episode 4.
Basque Grand (difference between this FMA:B and FMA)
Shou Tucker
Knowing the outcome... ;_;
Tucker (difference between this FMA:B and FMA)

Part 1 Episode 6.
Dr. Marcoh.
Hahaha. Throws the crate. "I'll ask you one more time, please calm down!!!"
"The truth within the truth."
A single screw. "Whoopsie."

Part 1 Episode 9.
"I heard you brought a girl into your room to service you."

Part 1 Episode 10.
"She'll make you a fine wife some day."
Ada sheds some tears.
"It's a terrible day for rain." "It's not raining." "Yes it is."

Part 2 Episode 1. [Episode 14]
1=20191015 ~12:00

Part 2 Episode 2. [Episode 15]
1=20191015 ~12:20

Part 2 Episode 3. [Episode 16]
1=20191015 ~22:00

Part 2 Episode 4. [Episode 17]
Agitates her and then tells her to calm down.
And now we hear that there was a direct witness on the round but it's being rejected.
I think Mustang didn't really kill Ross.
That's convoluted and nonsensical. Forces Maria Ross to go to jail under fail pretenses and then also suspects Roy Mustang of breaking Ross out so that Mustang can kill her.
1=20191015 ~22:20

Part 2 Episode 6. [Episode 19]
"It seems like you should buy a girl dinner first. Before you stick your hand in her chest."
1=20191015 ~22:40

Part 2 Episode 7. [Episode 20]
Why can't he just use alchemy to spread the dirt? (Or in an earlier episode he wrung his shirt dry. Couldn't he just use alchemy to dry it?)
"That's weird, have his shoulders always been that broad?" (Ada thinks of the interpretation literally, like if he's growing; I suggest it's either his confidence growing or that Winry is starting to like him - because when one person likes another person, he/she will begin to see the other person's characteristics positively)
1=20191015 ~23:00

Part 2 Episode 8. [Episode 21]
"I wonder if his body is resting for mine too."
Ada mentions Alchestry as a possible solution for Havoc.
In the next scene, we hear Dr. Marcoh as a possible solution.
Ha. Mustang has some fun tricking the soldiers.
1=20191015 ~23:20

Part 2 Episode 9. [Episode 22]
Ling can fight.
1=20191015 ~23:40

Part 2 Episode 10. [Episode 23]
Ada tears up at the end. It is a touching moment. (When Winry cries)
1=20191015 ~24:00

Part 2 Episode 11. [Episode 24]
Ada asks if Envy is dead? I say I don't think so - even though half of her was seemingly eaten by Gluttony.

Part 2 Episode 12. [Episode 25]
Cute little bearcat.

Part 3 Episode 1. [Episode 27]
Recaps core events in an interesting way. Love it.

Part 3 Episode 2. [Episode 28]
Haha May and Al (at the end of the episode)
After credits scene.
My guess is that Scar would kill Dr. Marcoh (prior to Envy seeing what's in the cell)

Part 3 Episode 5. [Episode 31]
Kimblee is released and surprises the warden

Part 3 Episode 12. [Episode 38]
Seems like a ruse. [Scar taking Winry as hostage.]

Part 4 Episode 1. [Episode 40]
From Ada's point of view, that is, based on what she's gathered from the story, Father is the first Homunculus and so he must be Pride (in a previous episode, it's mentioned that Pride is the first homunculus). This didn't make sense to me, but I didn't know why; in particular, I figured Father is just Father, creator of the various Homunculi. [Apparently in that same episode, episode 37, it is revealed that Selim is Pride. Speaking of which, that's all the sins: Lust, Gluttony, and Envy. Greed. King Bradley (Wrath). Recently Sloth (Episode 34). And finally Selim Bradley (Pride).]
Great episode. Full of backstory. However, I'm confused how in one scene Hohenheim is shown to have heard about the people killed in Xerxes and shows surprise by it. How could the one inside the flask be able to communicate with the Emperor one-on-one. Wouldn't Hohenheim's master have been involved?

Part 4 Episode 2. [Episode 41]
Hmm. Ed has a realization about using alchemy.

Part 4 Episode 7. [Episode 46]
Probably an intentional leak.

Part 4 Episode 8. [Episode 47]
Ed tells Hohenheim the message and Hohenheim tears up
I didn't expect Lan Fan to show up

Part 4 Episode 9. [Episode 48]
I didn't expect the flashbang to be used in that way.

Part 4 Episode 10. [Episode 49]
Al says they could have just ran away. Why didn't they?
Hmm, Pride partially answers that.
Hmm, Al is used to the darkness, so many nights he stayed awake.

Part 4 Episode 11. [Episode 50]
Ada: Oh no, Selim is sending a message to Father
"s4e11. Ada and I figure the guy would die by the Immortal Legion. Ada said that's what happened in the movie." (text received 20191117 12:51 PM)

Part 4 Episode 12. [Episode 51]
When General Armstrong is caught by Sloth, it was an easy predict on who would come to save her: her brother.

Part 5 Episode 2. [Episode 54]
I suspected the real Lt. Hawkeye but I also thought it was the real Roy Mustang so that was a good twist.
I'm surprised Envy would go out dying that way.
Alex Armstrong is quite strong to be holding strong against Sloth.

Part 5 Episode 3. [Episode 55]
Ada made a guess that the Fuhrer was in the chair. [He wasn't, but it was a reasonable guess.]
Who passed by the jeep as Al and Heinkel were lifting the jeep?
We wonder who might be able to go up against Bradley. I figure perhaps Izumi might.

Part 5 Episode 4. [Episode 56]
Oh yeah. It's Fu. Speaking of whom, Lan Fan has been looking for Ling as well so she should make an appearance soon, too.
*This previously said 20191121. But adjusted to 20191118 on 20210418.

Part 5 Episode 5. [Episode 57]
I don't remember when or if it was explained why Bradley doesn't regenerate. I figure it's related to him being the only Homunculus who ages. [apparently Wrath is a result of the wrathful souls which fought until there was only one (within the Philosopher's Stone) and so Wrath does not have immortality or regenerative abilities]
*This previously lacked a date. But assigned 20191119 on 20210418.

Part 5 Episode 9. [Episode 61]
1: The ending was great with Ed vs Selim and Kimblee

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